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Cell City

No description

Zach Wang

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell City

Cell Kingdom By: Anthony Su
and Zachary Wang This is the wall represents the cell membrane of an animal cell. The cell membrane acts as a barrier to the uncontrolled flow of water. In this case, the wall acts as a barrier to the flow of dangers. The Top View of our Village This water wheel represents a mitochondria. The mitochondria provides energy for the cell. The water wheel provides energy for the village. The Cattle Farm represents the nucleolus. The nucleolus produces ribosomes which move to the endoplasmic reticulum. The cattle farm grows cattle which are moved to the butchery and then the meat packaging. The government building represents the nucleus of a cell. The nucleus contains the DNA of a cell and gives the characteristics of the cell. It also controls the cell. The government building controls the village and it gives the characteristics of what the village is like. The air represents cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is the substance that fills the cell. Th air is the substance which fills the village. The gallows represent lysosome. The lysosome in are used for intercellular digestion. In white blood cells, the lysosomes killl the bacteria. The gallows kill the bad people of this village or that are not from this village. The post office represents a golgi complex. The golgi complex is used for packaging and transporting molecules. The post office does virtually the same thing but it doesn't transfer molecules. The butchery represents the ribosomes. The ribosomes lengthens protein chains and breaks down proteins. The butchery cuts the meat (which is basically breaking down the meat) and sends it out to the meat packaging to be packaged or sells it to the people to be eaten. The air represents cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is the substance that fills the cell. It is also critical for the cells survival because of its functions and the organelles it holds. The air is the substance that fills the village and it is critical for survival because the village can't live without it (the villagers won't be able to breathe) and that would result in the village dieing off. The meat packaging represents the endoplasmic reticulum. The endoplasmic reticulum transports the proteins that the ribosomes synthesize. The meat packaging gets the meat, packages it, and sends it out.
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