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The Venus Flytrap

No description

kayla appleby

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Venus Flytrap

1. The Venus Flytrap Kayla
Appleby Per.
7 What type of roots does a venus flytrap have? The venus flytrap has fibrous roots, the venus flytrap
has a small root system.
This plant's roots are only a few inches long and the root has lots of hair that are the same size. Its leaves!? The venus flytrap has two regions
a flat, heart-shaped side capable
of photosynthesis
and a pair of terminal lobes making
up the trap which is in fact the true
leaf. Its stem! A Venus flytrap's
stem is the same as
any other plant stem! The life cycle The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is a plant that is native to the wetlands of North and South Carolina. It is a carnivorous plant that digests small insects and absorbs nutrients from gases in the air and from the soil. The lobes exhibit snap shut when prey falls into them the prey pretty much goes paralyzed when meeting 3 of the hairs located on the top lobe of the leaf sense being
other plant
in this
the stem of
a venus flytrap does the
same as any other plant
in example: .the stem helps with the plants elevation
.transports fluid throughout the plant . its storage for nutrients
.it produces new living tissue Summary of life cycle: Usually a venus flytrap can live up to seven years
if well taken care of. In this seven years the life of a venus flytrap would consist of it most likely sprouting in the month of March, it spliting numerous amounts of times making new bulbs, also during spring the plant would grow much larger also growing a large flower.At years 4-6 this plant would be most matured as well.By the seventh year if still alive it would also grow even larger. Importance of the plant They are important to life because they shallow deadly insects and keep bugs away from us.
Without the venus flytrap thousands
of deadly insects such as Mosquitoes which bring us
malaria and locusts, bees etc would live to exsist
besides us on earth More importantly venus flytraps are apart of the ecosystem and help deduce CO2 through respiration AT THE END OF THE DAY THEY ARE JUST NORMAL PLANTS :)
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