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ISTE Presentation

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Coach Layton

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of ISTE Presentation

Integrating Technology Into a 1:1 / BYOD Classroom
Resources for Today:
Today's Meet (Back Channel)

Flipping the Classroom
Flipping The Classroom
- Youtube video sent on 6/23
- Kahoot (Pre-Assess, Assess, and Create)

Flipped Lesson....Kahoot Accountability

Kahoot Quiz - check for understanding from the video

Kahoot - Pre-Assessment, an Exit Ticket, assessment reviews.....
Kahoot Culture in Your Classroom
Students as Producers and Designers of Kahoot Quizzes
Challenges weekly with teams
BYOD and 1:1 Can help ......
Engage more students

Promote more engaging lessons

Provide teachers with tools to manage time more effectively

Eliminate "Sage on the Stage"

Enhance "Guide on the Side"
20th century learning
Born of "The Industrial Revolution"

Assembly Line for Education
- Based on Age
- Based on Standards not

Teachers take the role of foreman
Teacher focused......
21st Century Classrooms
Prepare students for a Global Economy

Promote 21st Century Skills
Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

Student Focused
Teachers become facilitators
Playing Kahoot
1. Go to www.kahoot.it
2. Put in the game pin as you see it on the projector

3. Put in your name
STEM Skills in ALL Classes: 7 C's
1. Curiosity
2. Communication
3. Collaboration
4. Creativity
5. Critical Thinking
6. Citizenship
7. Character
Tools in a 1:1 / BYOD Classroom
Students As Producers
- Paper Slide Videos (My Flipped Lesson)
- Green Screen productions

Flipped Classroom Tools
- Screencast Lessons
- Paper Slide Videos
- EdPuzzle
1:1 / BYOD help a Flipped Classroom Model
Create More Time

Differentiated Learning (Rewind, Pause)

Engage Your Students

Get Parents Involved
Tools for Assessment


Paper Slide Videos/Green Screen

Minecraft Edu
Socrative: Assessment
Excellent Assessment Tool

1. Go to www.socrative.com
2. Log in as Student
3. Classroom 340404
4. Take Quiz....
Paper Slide Videos
Student created and produced

Engaging for students

Rubrics to assess student content knowledge

Students Collaborate/Share
Green Screen Videos
Student Productions
Promotes Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Design

Great for Assessment
Using Minecraft (Minecraft Edu)
Minecraft created civilizations
- Imagine Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece etc.

Student created video tours (Assessment)

Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking etc.
My Google Site:

YouTube: Ken Robinson
"Do Schools Kill Creativity?"
Integrating Technology into 1:1 / BYOD classroom
Chris Layton, Teacher
Oak Ridge Schools , TN

Twitter: @LaytonsHistory


ED Puzzle as 1:1 Tool
Great Tool to use Flipped Lessons

Check for understanding!

Please follow me on Twitter @LaytonsHistory

"Lecturers display their knowledge to a class. Teachers involve ALL learners in the class. Be a teacher."
Today's Norms
1. Please use your technology
2. Today's Prezi

Can we build our civilization over the weekend?
Bring education to the students world !
Can we work on this with students from other schools?
Goals for today:
Ideas: How to make the most of 1:1 / BYOD

Kahoot, Socrative, Minecraft EDU

Paper Slide, Screencasts, Green Screen etc.
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