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Presentation of my city

Trabajo del Sena

Jonathan Perez

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of my city

Well Bogota is characterized by several tourist sites here I am going to display the top 6 places for me are the best in my city!
Palacio de Justicia
The courthouse is recognized in Bogota since gone through a number of crises in addition to being a sector in Bogota where Mucha Culture
Museo Del Oro
The Gold Museum is recognized not only because it has gold parts but part of our Indigenous culture descendants which they carved and created these pieces of art.
Cerro De Guadalupe
The Cerro de Guadalupe is something Sensational It's known for its religious culture and everything but the view is beautiful Bogota!
Salitre Magico
The PARQUE SALITRE MAGICO is recognized in Bogota because it is an Amusement Park Serves as What makes this a very Recognized Site!
El Campin
The Nemesio Camacho El Campin For me it is a very attractive site and more if you are going to go see SANTAFE for me is a renowned site because in many people and is comprised of the Passion of Football ": D
I think it is the most recognized place to Bogota level as it is characterized by the highest church in addition to having a great meal and very highly recommended Cultural.
This is my City BOGOTA !!
I hope I will enjoy this job ... Thanks
Presentation of my city
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