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Latino Masculinities

No description

Francisco Galarte

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Latino Masculinities

Post 9/11 Era & Latina/os
Surge of US Neo-conservatism
Intensify US Military Capacity
Increase Global Dominance
Militarization of the Border
Increased Nativism
War on Terror
Effects upon Latina/os
40% rise in anti-Latino hate crime violence between 2003 and 2007
Murder of Luis Ramirez (Shenandoah, PA)
Multiplicities of Latino Masculinities
Two examples in essay for today:
1. docile low wage worker (jardinero)
2. hyper masculine criminal (gang member)

Structural Conditions
Neoliberalism (Review)
Free Markets/NAFTA
Elimination of welfare services
Jobs exported
Informal Economies

Lived Realities - Golden Cage
What's money good for
If I live like a prisoner
In this great nation
When I'm reminded of this, I cry
Although this cage is made of gold
It's still a prison

Neoliberalism + Nativism
Simultaneous Hyper Visibility/Invisibility
Latino Masculinities
GWS 150B - Nov 12, 2013
Prof. Galarte

Focus for today:

"Post 9/11 Era" and Latina/os
Structural Conditions (Neoliberalism)
Multiplicities of Latino Masculinities
Invisible Bodies, Invisible Labor
In the "post 9/11 era" it is imperative that we continue to explore the "structural conditions" that are linked to the "multiplicities of Latino masculinities".
Lecture Journal
In your own words discuss how structural conditions (poverty, racism, nativism, undocumented status) are related to how Latino masculinities are represented after 9/11.
Jardinero Masculinity: constructed through daily work and structural conditions.
Be sure to pay attention to how the authors refute dominant definitions of machismo.
Putting the pieces together:
neoliberalism, nativism and the burden of invisibility
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