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Violence woman

Ami Lê

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

Student Name: Le Thuy Trang
ID: S3372958
Lecturer: Aishania Hopkins Violence against women Outline Reference List I- Introduction
1. Definition

II- Body
1. Causes
2. Effects
3. Solutions

IV- Reference List Definition: Introduction Adopt laws and make sure laws are implemented.

Educate and protect children from violence.

Actions of the people. Stand up against bullying and harassment actions for women.

Propaganda activities against violence of women in the mass media . Solutions

Jeevankuruvilla, 2012, "Much beyond rape", Blogspot, viewed in 4th January 2013, http://jeevankuruvilla.blogspot.com/2012/12/much-beyond-rape.html

Spa-hakuhodo, nd, ""KICK" Print Ad for Stop Violence Against Women", Coloribus, viewed in 4th January 2013, http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/prints/stop-violence-against-women-kick-15242905/resizes/2000/

Rudyanto Wijaya, 2009, Domestic violence victim, Coloribus, viewed in 4th January 2013, http://cutcaster.com/photo/100443219-Domestic-violence-victim/

Rudyanto Wijaya, 2009, "Injured woman terrified", Coloribus, viewed in 4th January 2013, http://cutcaster.com/photo/100443085-Injured-woman-terrified/ - Violence against women:
Committed against women.

- Identify the manifestation of violence:
- Physical violence
- Reproductive and sexual violence
- Economic Violence Figure 1: Re-produced from Socialists and democrats (2010). Figure 5: Re-produced from Jeevankuruvilla (2012) (WHO, 2012)

World Heath Organization 2012, "Violence against women", World Heath Organization, viewed in 4th January 2013, <http://www.who.int/about/en/index.html>. Causes Patriarchal, respect male and contempt female.

Weak, suffering and the economic dependence
of women support unequal treatment of men's

The communication, education and community
intervention is not strong enough.

The lack of understanding and limited knowledge
about the law in inequality between men and women. Effects Figure 2: Re-produced from Spa-hakuhodo (2012) Physical consequences
- Access to alcohol, drugs.
- Injury, pregnant disability, murder, suicide.

Reproductive health consequences
- Unwanted pregnancy, HIV, menstrual disorders etc.

Mental health consequences
- Stress, depression, panic, eating disorders.
- Affect on children's behavior. (WHO, 2012) (WHO, 2012) Figure 3 + 4: Re-produced from Cutcaster(2009) Socialists & democrats, 2010, "STOP! S&D for a directive on Violence Against Women", Socialists and democrats, viewed in 4th January 2013, http://www.socialistsanddemocrats.eu/gpes/public/detail.htm?id=133747&section=LIB&category=PUBL&startpos=8&topicid=-1&request_locale=EN
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