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Welcome Back

first day of school

catherine stephens

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Welcome Back

WELCOME TO 7th Grade Science!!
With Mrs. Stephens A litte about me!!

I've have a wonderful familly!! Tom, my husband, and my four wonderful kids. Josh, Wiley, Emily and MollyKate!
"I hail from the great state of Texas!"
Josh and Wiley are both in the Navy, we are very proud of them.
Josh is going to marry Brittney in April! (yay)
Emily and MollyKate go to school here in Oldham County and we are very proud of them too! :) What will you need for this class?
A composition book!
Sturdy Folder!
To Leave in the Classroom:
2 pkg of pencils
glue sticks!
Don't PANIC..
we will help each other! I am like a mama.. cheetah.. I can be ''mean as a two headed black snake.." not really, but I mean what I say.. and I say what I mean! cool things facinate me!
sometimes for hours I wonder... What if... How come... Why?
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