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VisionQUEST: Personal Training

Explain the Process of working with a project facilitator, researching for an MGRP, building a product, dealing with obstacles, and discussing post-secondary plans

Matthew H

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of VisionQUEST: Personal Training

Introduction Completing the Product Learning Stretch
Scientific knowledge
Designing plans for others
Tabata Protocol
Analyzing numbers Personal Training VisionQUEST MGRP Product Formed an extensive outline

Problems included:
Order, flow, and guide's ease-of-use
Information currency What do personal trainers do?
How does diet and exercise affect the body?
Triathlon as a sport Project Facilitator Andrea Mathis Research, research, research
1) Metabolism
Diet then Exercise
2) Stretching Booklet
3) Questionnaire/Self-Inventory
4) Personal Narrative Post-Project Skills Learned:
Learning styles
Analyzing the Field
Possible Career Choices:
Professional Triathlon
KSU Major/Minor in psychology, sociology, or criminology
Nurse practitioner with a specialty in cardiology Soda Candy Bar 55g 18g (minus 3 from
protein exclusion) Sugar Fat Calories 200 210 0g 13g Total 410 13g 73g Juice Granola
Bar Calories Fat Sugar 190 200 0g 8g 47g 23g Total 390 8g 70g 16 oz 12 oz 48 g 42g Mass Mass Good Afternoon
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