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WWI Propaganda

No description

Robert Cox

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of WWI Propaganda

PROPAGANDA Propaganda was used in WWI to
convince people to join the
cause, or to have the general public provide their country with money to fund the war.
It made war look better than it really was.
One of the biggest forms of Propaganda were posters and comics in newspapers and in towns. American German British Robert Cox Eddie Schaffer Woodrow Wilson America's President at the
time, established the Committee on
Public Information, on April 13, 1917,
to promote the war
in America. George Creel was the Leading Journalist. In 1914, England didn't have a policy of National Service. Propaganda provided England with most of it's soldiers. A National Service Program was eventually adopted by the English Government. Posters were still used in England and in other Nations involved in the War. Germany was the first Nation to use propaganda to prepare for WWI.
The First Propaganda Movement was to form the German Information Bureau in America.
The leading Propagandist in America also happened to be Germany's ambassador to America. Count Johann Heinrich
von Bernstorff Dr. Bernhard Dernburg was another important German Propagandist living in America during WWI. THE END! Robert Cox Eddie Schaffer
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