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Region 9

No description

hannah junar vee

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Region 9

Region 9:
Zamboanga Peninsula

Tourist Atractions
The very popular Dakak Beach is most known for its beautifully shaped cove and powdery white sand.
(June 12 to July 25 of every year)

held in Dapitan City and Zamboanga del Norte; colorful pageant re-enacting the Spanish- Moorish wars.
-Spanish-based Creole language (derived from the Spanish word “chabacano”, meaning “poor taste”, “vulgar”, “common”, “ of low quality”
(Tuboy-Salog; Kanluranin/ Siocon; Lapuyan)

Literary Forms
Three Provinces:
Samal by Ben Nillo (Chavacano)
Samal by Ben Nillo (English)
Languages and Dialects
Bays: Sindangan, Sibuco, Sibuguey, Dumanquilas, Maligay, Taguite and Pagadian
Emigdio “ Mig” Alvarez Enriquez
Zamboanga City
Year 1925
Fictionist, novelist, storywriter, playwright.
He started writing at the age of 20.

Zamboanga Del Sur
Zamboanga Del Norte
Zamboanga Sibugay
Rivers: Kumalarang, Sibuguey, Dinas and Labangas
Zamboanga Range
– forms the backbone of the Zamboanga Peninsula Stretching from Mt. Dabiak in Zamboanga Del Norte and arching to Zamboanga City in the southwest.
Ag Tobig Nog Keboklogan
(The Kingdom of Keboklogan)
-is an adventure of Hero Taake.
Considered as one of the oldest epics of the Subanon of Zamboanga, this "guman" or epic is chanted during "Buklog" or festivals.
The epic begins with Timoyaw's quandary as to how to support his wife who is about to give birth. He decides to earn money by being a whetter of tools in the neighboring villages. He leaves Sirangaan with his assistant Kasangolan and fifteen datus. However, their boat refuses to move until Timoway beheads one of his companions.
“ The White Horse of Alih”
by Emigdio “Mig” Alvarez Enriquez
(Short Story)
Sin camisa, sin calson
Si Toto – grita le
“Sencilio Sencilio!”
Dol pobre ta bega con abieto mano
Mentras parao na viejo banca
Pirmi ancina puede mira
Na pantalan del Zamboanga.
Si cerca ustedes na ventana del lansta.
- El aplaya claro
Pero hende el futuro de Toto.
Durante ta grita si Toto
Y llama el atencion del maga hente.
Cuando ya tira sincilio el hente
Alerto si Toto y salta na aplaya.
Sambuli na hondo salao aqua
Para na poco sencilio.
- El aplaya hondo
Pero duda con el bajo alegia del hente.
Without shirt, without shorts
Toto shouts:
“Sencilio, Sencilio!”
Like a beggar with open palm ---
While standing in an old banca.
It’s a familiar scene
at Zamboanga’s wharf;
While viewing the window of the boat:
The water is clear ---
But not Toto’s future.
When Toto shouted,
He got the passenger’s attention.
Someone threw a coin
Toto jumped ---
He dived into the salted water
For that small change:
Though the sea is deep
but happiness of the people --- shallow
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