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Kitchen stove Timeline

No description

David Chau

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Kitchen stove Timeline

Kitchen Stove Timeline By David Chau 206-221 BC in the Qin Dynasty Clay stoves that completely enclosed a flame were known to exist at this time. Because humans need food to obtain their energy, and most food edible to humans needs to be cooked, humans have invented kitchen stoves as a more efficient way then plain fire to cook food. The reason why stoves were invented was because open fires were dangerous, produced to much smoke, and had bad heat efficiency.This prompted many inventors in the 16th century to make improvements. Komado 1603-1867 These stoves were powered by a hole in the front where charcoal or wood were lighted.Pots were put over a hole on the top of the stove to cook food Castor Stove 1735 This was the first ever closed fire stove in europe.It was a masonry construction with several fire holes covered with iron plates. Gas Stove 1820 Gas stoves were invented in 1820 but remained an experiment until James Sharp patented a gas stove in 1826.This technology never became successful until the1880s because of the slow growth of the gas pipe network. Electric Stove 1850s-1900s Electric stoves were invented in the 1850s but because of high electricity costs,poor temperature regulation, and short heating element life they were not common until the 1930s when electricity was cheaper and new longer lasting technology was patented. Induction Cookers 2000s Instead of creating heat induction cookers heat the metal container with electromagnets leaving the cook top to only be heated by the vessel. This increases efficiency. The End
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