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Do Curfews Keep Teens out of Trouble?

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haley mays

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Do Curfews Keep Teens out of Trouble?

By: Haley Mays
Mrs. Jarrell
English 12 Do Curfews Keep Teens out of Trouble? Definition of curfew. Introduction Main Points "Set curfews a little early then maybe they won't be out getting into trouble." "A curfew is the best way for a parent and a teen to build trust." Conclusion 3 ways we can try to keep teens out of trouble. A curfew is a regulation requiring certain or all people to leave the streets or to be home at a prescribed hour. Curfews can keep teens from the nightlife. They will find a way to get what they want to get done even if it means going out behind your back. Although, not all teens would do that, a curfew is still not necessary. If the law gets involved, it's not going to scare them. If they're getting into trouble, they will get into it. No questions asked. It's not about what time the curfew is. In fact, statistics show that teen crimes and problem behaviors occur between the hours of 3 and 8pm. A curfew is not going to prevent what your teen does. Curfews don't do anything at all, in my opinion. I don't think curfews will keep teens out of trouble. They will do what they want to do before they have to get home, curfew or not. 1. Suggest them getting a job.
2. Do family activities. Spend as much time as you can with your teen.
3. Give them a safe place to go to. Like, a park or a dance club that caters to teens and have adults supervise a little and be there for them to talk to. I don't agree with this statement. Curfew or not, they will still get into trouble if that's what they're looking for. They'll take advantage of your trust. They will do it no matter what. It's impractical, unenforceable, and ineffective. Some people think that curfews do keep teens out of trouble, and that it teaches them not to stay out past curfew. I beg to differ. I think curfews can make your teen feel neglected, get into more trouble, or cause arguements between you and your teen. Most teens would be scared to stay out past curfew but then again, some teens won't even care. Works Cited
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