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Meteorology Career Project

Sam Dduley-Pecoraro-2nd hour-april 11, 2013

sam dudley

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Meteorology Career Project

Becoming a Meteorologist By: Sam Dudley English II Mrs.Pecoraro What does a meteorologist do? Meteorologists study weather conditions and forecast weather changes. Meteorology is a large field with many different paths. The path that I choose was a Storm Spotter or also known as a Storm Chaser. Storm Spotters watch the development of tornadoes and its progression. Storm Spotters also... Observe and report dangerous weather conditions. They collect data to better understand and predict severe weather. Joplin, MO tornado Education Good HS classes are math, geography, computer science, physics, and chemistry. -Federal government work requires a bachelor's degree with courses from meteorology, like weather analysis, forecasting, and dynamic meteorology. _You need a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science for research positions. College Education Training Advanced graduate training is required for research and teaching positions as well as for other high level positions in meteorology. Some college students intern or study at government agencies over the summer to prepare themselves. Salary 2010 median pay: $87,780 per year or $42.20 per hour Atmospheric scientists wages vary from $37,250 to $109,630. The pay depends on the position you hold. Expectations The work environment for a Storm Spotter is primarily outdoors and in multiple locations Research meteorologists typically stay indoors and at one location with some travel. Outlook Employment outlook: Good DOL says that this job will grow faster than the average for all careers through 2018. THE END Any Questions???
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