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YR10 Graphics 2013

Intro to AQA questions for 2013/2014 exam. The following tasks are to be used for submission in summer 2013 and summer 2014.

stacey litherland

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of YR10 Graphics 2013

AQA 2013/2014
Controlled Assessment Tasks CONTEXT (dt3) CONTEXT (dt5) CONTEXT (dt9) Lesson Objectives Many books and greeting cards that contain movement are to be found in shops. Promotion is important for a new product or an event. Confectionary items are sold by the wholesaler in a package called an outer. Often this outer doubles as a point of purchase display. 1) To research the design tasks.

2) To select one of the controlled assessment
design tasks.

3) To research in detail your chosen question. DESIGN TASK
Design and make EITHER a book OR a
series of at least four greeting cards
containing kinetic spreads. The book
should be approx. A5 size, either in
landscape or portrait format.
The greeting cards should be packaged and ready for sale with envelopes of an
appropriate size. DESIGN TASK A group of students in your school have formed a band and want a complete set of publicity material for their future events. The set must include a CD Case which has a minimum of four folding panels containing any number of CD's and relevant information. The panels can fold in any direction and could hold a combination of CDs.
Promotional material should also contain an item which incorporates a smart or modern material. DESIGN TASK A luxury chocolate manufacturer feels the need to break into the low cost counter confectionary line. It plans to market a confectionary item to be named by you. It will cost less than £1 and will be a solid geometric shape and will be marketed directly on the shop counter from a point of purchase box. Design and make the wrapper and the point of purchase box.
You will be required to model the product in a suitable material to fit the wrapper. All the items need to be full size. CONTEXT (dt12) Cinema productions often cost millions of pounds to produce, therefore it is important that the marketing and advertising of these films is successful. DESIGN TASK A world famous cartoon film producer plans to release a new feature length film based on a fairy tale of your choice. The film company will require prototype advertising material in the form of flyers, press advertising, cinema tickets that use a smart or modern material to prevent fraud, and also a 1:5 scale suitable card or foam core board free standing display for the foyer of the cinema. The display should be glue free to allow for flat pack delivery. It is important that you do not use existing images of previously released cinema productions.
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