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Book Club Makeover

No description

Rachel Cooke

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Book Club Makeover

Differentiated Book Club
Let's Make it Over
When students choose what they want to read, they are more likely to be engaged in reading, talking about what they read and writing about what they read. It is an authentic experience!
Talking Cards
Oral Annotation of Text
Reading Strategies
Differentiated Book Loan Library
Popcorn Excerpts
Read the variety of popcorn excerpts
Share the popcorn around your group
Choose the text you are most interested in reading
Book Club Makeover
Rachel Cooke

Instructional Leader: English/Literacy Toronto District School Board
AQ Instructor: Senior English & Honour Specialist English - OISE/UT
Author of:
Remix: A Revolution of Text Forms
Constructing Meaning: Skills for Understanding Contemporary Texts -
Author of Teacher Guide Material
Differentiate based on
student interest
learning profile
Teachers differentiate
learning environment
The story of
Differentiated Texts
Choosing what you want to read
Why it works!
It honours:
differentiation of text
student interest
student readiness & reading level
writing style - vocabulary/sentence structure
tactile & kinesthetic learners
NOTE: students are reading pages of text without realizing it!
Differentiated memoir Excerpts
Joseph Boyden - "Walk to Morning" (memoir-speech)
Shyima Hall - Hidden Girl
Andy Mulligan - Trash (memoir-like)
Marina Nemat - After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed
Nujood Ali - I Am Nujood
1. Read excerpt #1 (the first column of text) silently or as a group.

2. Respond to the excerpt with talking cards.

Hearts – ask a question
• directly-stated,
• inferential,
• connection/evaluative/opinion

Diamonds- make a connection
• text-to-text,
• text-to-self,
• text-to-world/ popular culture

Clubs – make a prediction

Spades- visualize (use all of your senses)

3. The goal of each round is to use all of your cards.

4. When the round is over, read excerpt #2 (second column of text) and respond with the talking cards. Continue with excerpt #3.

Talking Card Rules
Why it Works!
the text is chunked
appeals to tactile & visual learners
reading strategies are applied to the text in an authentic manner
the student brings their own reading of the text
a community of readers & talkers is developed
sustained conversation about text without the teacher guiding it
Coding the text using Sticky Notes
asking questions
determining importance
why it works!
tactile, visual & kinesthetic learners are honoured
visually represents the flexibility of using reading strategies
authentic application of reading strategies
develops oral expression in a cooperative setting
capitalizes on the strength of oral expression rather than written expression for some students

NOTE: this is a great tool for assessment FOR
and OF learning
Report on Differentiated Book Loan Library
In 2012/13 the English/Literacy department established a Differentiated Book Loan Library of “fresh, hot” novels and memoirs representing diverse voices for use in secondary classrooms. The books are intended to be used in Differentiated Book Club settings where students choose the text they would like to read and discuss the book with other readers of the same text. Each teacher can borrow up to 10 copies of any of the titles available for up to a 6 week period.
Creating a community of readers has encouraged students to increase their reading stamina. Many students not only read the book they chose for Book Club, but in addition all of the titles that are offered in the Book Club unit. In this setting, students apply reading, writing and oral communication strategies including critical thinking to the texts. Professional learning sessions and exploration classrooms throughout the school year have offered support for this approach to explicit teaching of literacy.
Over the two years that the library has been in existence, the circulation has increased by 166%. In 2013/14, 740 students in 45 classrooms have been able to choose the book they want to read and discuss with fellow readers as a result of the Differentiated Book Loan Library.
Taking it to the
leadership level
Resources to Make
Book Clubs Amazing
Thank you! Enjoy amazing Differentiated Book Clubs with your students. For resources write to me at
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