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Logo Design - Josh Rushworth

No description

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Logo Design - Josh Rushworth


After completing my CofE4B logo I now realise that it doesn't need to be the most detailed logo to be recognized by others as since my logo was quite detailed it made it quite obscure compared to other logos shown for the same purpose. Here are some exapmles of simple logos becoming world famous to show that a logo isn't all about the detail.
Logo Design - Joshua Rushworth
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
CofE4B (Centre of Excellence for Business) is a new development system at Shipley College. CofE4B focuses on courses such as L3 Business, IT & Creative Media.
Different Interpretations for Ideas

What would you consider good elements forcreating a good business logo?

Would any of these logos work for a business? Explain your thoughts?

Can you make a logo for a business just by knowing its a business?
Or do you need more detailed information?

How To Make A Good Logo:
No one can design a logo instantly and have it be to the best standard, so it's best to create multiple rough sketches of logos and have a control group assess and decide on which is the best logo out of the choices. Once a single logo is decided on then you can go and continue to design it on a computer using better software and eventually create a final design while remembering not to make it too detailed and flashy. You'll want to keep the colours looking simple and not too distracting from what it's trying to promote.
Shipley College as well as Titus Salt School work alongside other employers within CofE4B. These employers are there to help develop the young talent of Bradford. The Provident Financial Group representative Graham Moore stated "I feel that the Centre of Excellence scheme is a fantastic opportunity for the students and a great way for the employers to find and nuture talented students.
This was my final logo created for CofE4B.
Can you tell what I took from CofE4B to
create this?
Thank you :-D
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