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Norovirus Infection

No description

Madison Rockwell

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Norovirus Infection

Norovirus Infection Diagnosis If someone has this disease life
could be easier for the time they have
it if they just followed what they are
told. If they did as advised by the
doctor life would be a bit better
disease. Treatment For norovirus infection disease there is no specific treatment or medicine. In order to keep for worsening doctors advise that you stay hydrated, drinking many fluids. They encourage for you to have drinks with electrolytes and sugars. There is Anti- Diarrheal medicines that can be given over the counter, but should be avoided in severe cases of abdominal pain or fever. This may prolong the disease. Sites .Norovirus infection - MayoClinic.com

.Norovirus Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention of Outbreaks ...
Someone may get norovirus infection from ingesting contaminated material of small amounts of fluids or feces from one who is infected with the disease. Doctors will take a sample of your stool and will
test it. When the results come back then they can
determine whether you have the disease or not.
In most cases, the symptoms itself can determine if
you have Norovirus Infection. Objective & Subjective Information Signs and symptoms of Norovirus Infection
includes vomiting, diarrhea, or both. Other symptoms that people commonly experience are cramping, abdominal or stomach pains. Most people also have general feelings of tiredness, headaches, and muscle aches. Then there's only 1/3 of people who contract a fever.
An infected person can contaminate their environment directly or spread the virus through particles when vomiting.
Norovirus Infection attacks the immune system and weakens the system. Etiology Prognosis The mortality rate of Norovirus Infection is highest in young children and older adults. Its about 200,000 deaths per year for children under the age of 5. About 100,000 deaths occur per year for adults 65 or older. Ease Life
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