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Know Your Food

No description

James LeDoux

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Know Your Food

Know Your food Do you know where that chicken you eating came from? Do you know where the food
we eat comes from? It all starts on a corn field. Corn and corn syrup are in almost all the food that we eat everyday. The animals eat it, too, so there is
corn in most of the meat you eat. Corn is one example of a food that farmers use as a regular dietary product for many of the animals they raise. For instance, cows that eat corn-based food have stomachs that are coated with leftovers from the bypassing of the food that is made up of corn. By not properly taking care of their live-stock and not treating them fairly before being sent to be slaughtered, they meet the weight requirments at a shortened timeframe which results in an increased profit to the meat distrubutor. All the companies treat their animals differntly. Some companies strongly care about the way the animals
are treated throughout the growth process and what they eat, while other companies indulge their live-stock with hormones and steroids to make them grow at a faster pace even though it is bad for their health. Organic foods are brought up on smaller farms.
They are kept cleaner, healthier, and have fewer parasites.
The only problem is that
organic food can be much more
expensive than other meats
so not as many people are willing to buy them. The chicken you are receiving is not considered an organic food. Actually, it is produced by a one of the largest and first corporations to produce their livestock at an unhealthy rate. Why.....? Research and Technical Writing
Henry C. Conrad Schools of Science
James LeDoux and Morgan Margherita
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