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TOGAF - Views and Viewpoints

No description

Patrice Kerremans

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of TOGAF - Views and Viewpoints

Viewpoints System
Viewpoints Different Stakeholders have different concerns with respect to the system, resulting in a need for different viewpoints of the system that result in different views. Views and viewpoints are created during phases A to D. The choice of which particular architecture views to develop is one of the key decisions that the architect has to make
The architect is responsible for ensuring
completeness: do the views covers everything
integrity: are views complementary and consistent with each other? Viewpoints can be generic and kept in the repository
Views are specific to the architecture being developed Three classes of artifacts are defined:
Catalogs: lists of one type of building blocks or of related types
Matrices: show relationships between building blocks of specific types
Diagrams: represent building blocks in rich and visual way
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