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Of Mice and Men

A story of John Steinbeck

Sarah Sanz

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath 1939 The Long Valley in 1938 Salinas, California Piece of land - American Dream JOHN STEINBECK - 1937 Lennie Small George Milton The boss Curley Curley's Wife Candy Crooks Slim Carlson Whilt Chapter Number 1 CHARACTERS Great depression Murray and Ready's In the clearing- By the Salinas river George gets angry at Lennie George's advices Lennie what to do if he gets in troubles Chapter Number 2 arrival to the ranch,
hey meet Candy. bad connection with Curley Meet Slim and Carlson Chapter Number 3 The flirting They meet the boss They make their way Carlson offers to Shoot to the old shepherd A little of confidence with Slim Misunderstanding in Weed The whorehouse invitation Curley mistrust Slim Lennie and George dream again Curley's apoligizes The Fight Chapter Number 4 Chapter Number 5 Chapter Number 6 Lennie goes to barn Crooks plays with Lennie Lennie speaks about his dream Candy appears in the barn Curley's wife wants to have fun Lennie kills his pup Curley's wife gets in the barn Curley's wife Complainigs an unexpected tragedy Lennie runs away Candy finds the corpse George and Candy make an alibi Lennie Visions The last time to hear the story A dramatic ending :( 1902- 1968 Thank you :) George tells the story of their lives then he tries to calm him down
by telling about the land of the fatta
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