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Indonesian Satellite Business Opportunities

No description

Sharlini Putri

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Indonesian Satellite Business Opportunities

Indonesian Satellite Business Opportunities
The World's Biggest Archipelago nation
The world top 20 economy (G20 Members)
The Heart of Asia Pacific Region
Capturing HUGE Opportunities
Satelit sebagai Teknologi Strategis yang Berkebangsaan
Two Key Opportunities
LPDP Support as the STEPPING STONE.....
Strategic Approach
via Government
Demand Approach
via End Consumers
Defining Indonesia's
Specific Requirements
Delivering REAL Input for Indonesia
Indonesia's Think Tank
Scholar's initiative
Collaboration of Strategic Institutions
Report and Recommendation
Strategic Approach via Government
Demand Approach via End Consumers
1. Broadband Internet
2. Satellite Pay TV
3. Rural Communication
4. Navigation
1. Communication Infrastructure
2. Energy and Resources Monitoring
3. Military Intelligence
4. Banking System Information
Need Raw Data from Indonesian Key Institution
Maximizing Universities and Business Incubator Network for Real Business Feedback
Comprehensive Report for Indonesian International Satellite Investment 2015
UCL Space Science and Engineering 2013
Hagorly Mohamad Hutasuhut

ITB Aeronautics 2007
Indonesian Government Scholarship (LPDP) 2013
Gold Medal at International Astronautical Congress
First Winner at University Satellite Competition
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