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SiC (Animated Version)

No description

Evan Sondgerath

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of SiC (Animated Version)

SendItCertified Secure Data Company Secure Messaging Electronic Signature Secure Inbox & Storage Fast, Efficient, & Cost Effective Secure Inbox and Vault for emails, files, and documents
Non-Members have access to send you messages and files through you secure inbox and embedded buttons on your website or email
Can prevent senders from viewing your email address to prevent spam or phishing
Non-Members have full access to system features when sending you messages
Tracking Features Receive private messages and attachments from anyone, anywhere, anytime Real time tracking features for documents and signatures Secure Email No Access Codes Required Set signature paths for documents Signature
Custom Fields Annotate entry fields Printed Name
Title and more All data kept in a secure, encrypted, data center
No server-to-server transfers
Available from anywhere, anytime
Eliminates the threat of losing your data Eliminates the inconvenience and wasted time spent on obtaining physical signatures Robust Tracking Where it goes
When it's viewed
If they;
Forward it
Download it
Print it Message Logs & Retraction Document Access Management Prevent recipients from forwarding, downloading, printing Add watermarks to preserve visual ownership Complete Message & File Retraction Retract your messages and files at any point or time, even if it has already been viewed or forwarded Even retracts from those it has been forwarded to Additional Features Secure Audio & Video Messaging

No Required Software or Downloads

Optional Text Message Notifications

Import Address Books

Unlimited Messaging
Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Security Information Features Upcoming Enhancements Secure Collaboration Mobile Phone Application Member Interface Overhaul Integration Outlook GLBA HIPAA Meaningful Use HITECH Compliant Stages I & II AES 256-bit Encryption (Transfer)
SSAE 16 Type II Data Center (Storage)
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