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Liam Berson

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Harold Farmer Nancy Farmer The Trolls Trilogy A GIRL NAMED DISASTER

A Girl Named Disaster is describing the life of an 11 year old girl in Africa named Nahamo. She had a hard life, her mom was eaten by a leopard her and dad ran away before she was born. Then she lived with her aunt, who hated her. She tried to run away multiple times, but the men of the village and her evil aunt always found her. Then she faced harsh consequences. Nahamo had a very complicated life! This book is about the difficult problem of overcoming hardships even as
new problems arise. The Troll Trilogy By Liam Berson, Nikolas Koveos, and Sybelle Caviston Jack's adventure continues in the last book of the
Sea of Trolls Trilogy. He starts his journey when
the Bard informs Jack that a mermaid that died
came back from the dead. This is no normal mermaid though. This mermaid was not married by a human so it turned into a hag before it died. Hag's breath spreads a disease that is contagious and fatal. Before the hag spread mayhem Jack had to send the hag back where it came from, the grave. The Islands of the Blessed Awards Interesting Facts Most of Nancy Farmers Awards went to The House of Scorpion. National Book Award Newbery Honor Michael L. Printz Honor About the Author By Liam Berson, Nikolas Koveos,
and Sybelle Caviston Jack, a poor farm boy, is in one day changed forever, the day that
the mysterious and magical Bard made Jack his apprentice.
However soon after his training started, a savage group of pirates
invade his town, capturing him in the process. Two of the pirates,
Thorgil and Olaf present him to the evil Frith Half-troll. When Jack cuts off her hair using magic, Frith sends him on a long and difficult journey to find a spell that could put the hair back on. The only problem for Jack is the solution to his problem is hidden somewhere in the land of the infamous trolls. This series is depicting the hidden evil aspects a good personality can hide. The Sea of Trolls The Land of the Silver Apples Jack once again finds himself on a perilous journey deep into a magical forest, the known location of the the selfish elves. Thorgil, a pirate who captured Jack in book one, agreed to go with him. They decided to take refuge in a hodgoblin (toad like creature) village but are soon swept away to continue on there journey. They are captured by the elves, and are confident in escape, but how can they flee from there living nightmare that one must be sacrificed to? Born on July 7, 1941(71 years old)in Phoenix, Arizona
Author and writer of young adult literature, fantasy, and science fiction
Went to Reed College in1963
Notable works include The Ear, The Eye, and the arm, A Girl Named Disaster, The House of the Scorpion, and... Won the Newbery Honor 3 times
Was a Peace Corp volunteer for two years in India
The Africans believed she had been possessed by a wandering spirit that taught her the skill of storytelling
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