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Spy School

No description

Dane DiMuzio

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Spy School

by Stuart Gibbs SPY SCHOOL Be careful what you wish for... Summary Welcome to
Spy School Spy School is about a twelve year old boy named Ben Ripley. He has a very ordinary life except he is obsessed with spies. When he grows up he “thought” he wanted to be a spy.

One day he comes home from school and finds a Secret Agent, Alexander Hale sitting in his living room. He was leaving immediately because he was being recruited into Spy School, into the CIA ‘s Academy of Espionage. His parents just thought that he was getting a scholarship to a Science Academy boarding school. The spy school wanted him because he was a math genius and he had scored really high on a portion of standardized testing where the CIA hides their tests.

Ben soon learned that being a spy was not just hard but more dangerous than he ever thought. He was being framed and people were trying to kill him. There were bombs, darts, tasers, ninjas and assassins. He even got locked into solitary confinement.

The only good thing about the school was a super spy who he had a crush on named Erica. One day he and Erica discovered a secret tunnel under the school where enemy students were building a bomb.

The next day, Ben was taken to a secret CIA room were there was security cameras throughout the whole school. He thought it was a safe place until a hooded man broke into it and darted Ben. He was kidnapped but later saved by Erica just after he became conscious in the hooded mans car.

Erica and Ben discovered who the mole was and went after him. Ben got shot in the shoulder while the mole was trying to escape. He shot him back but because he was a terrible shot hit ice cycles on the roof and they came tumbling down and hit the mole.

In the end, Ben discovers who the mole is and he and Erica are safe for a little while. Agent Alex Hale takes all the credit. The book ends when Erica says to Ben, “Welcome to the wonderful world of espionage.” Ben Ripley Ben Ripley is an average 12 year old who is very good in math and cryptography. His best friend is Mike Brezenski. He has brown hair and is not very tall. He was recruited by the CIA for Spy School. Although he is smart, shooting guns and fighting are not his strengths. Ben takes down the mole. Erica Hale Erica is a 15 year old and is the daughter of Secret Agent Alexander Hale,
who recruited Ben. She is an amazing spy. She is
older than Ben and
always has her eye
fixed on a textbook.
She is tall, blonde and
according to Ben,
Gorgeous! Images Related to the Book Some of my favorite images in the book were...... Target and Mole Ben had a target on his back because he was
being hunted by the mole. Rigged Doorknob The mole rigged the
doorknob with an
electric shock. Recommendation Dane's THE END The main characters in this book are Ben Ripley and Erica Hale. Ice Cycles and Bomb A Ice Cycle to the head foils the moles plan.
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