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Grimus 2010

What 2010 was all about for Grimus

Ionut Sandu

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Grimus 2010

January February March April May June July August September October November December GRIMUS Highlights 2010 Gig @ Silver Church w. South Africa's finest, The Parlotones Political Animals gets a prime-time live slot on national TV during "Garantat 100%" with Razvan Lucescu After successfully mixing two singles for Grimus, British producer Adam Whittaker takes command and signs them on new born label Eden Music I listened to it and I was hooked. I thought it was fucking fantastic, and we went from there. Grimus chosen by Tuborg for their new "TuborgSound" online platform & "Tuborg Green Nights" gig series ? apparently on a hiatus, in fact coming up with a bulk of new tunes for the forthcoming album Sixth and final single from debut album Panikon - "Insanity", goes No.1 on Radio Guerrilla's charts Sharing the stage with Hungarian top notch band "NEO", in Cluj & Bucharest Internal research among contemporary Romanian artists proves Grimus to be their favourite band, hence they get invited to perform at their annual party Poland again, this time @ Sanok's "Blonie Juwenal Festival" New single "Umbre" tops the City FM charts and becomes available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on www.grimus.ro/umbre gig @ AlternaTIFF w. a true guitar legend, Gary Lucas Supporting Eros Ramazzotti @ Bucharest's "Arcul de Triumf" stadium in front of an 8000+ crowd First UK tour, including Reading's "Outside:Inside" festival, opening for "Does It Offend You, Yeah?" and an exclusive showcase @ RCI in London New single "Started" is released during the tour, gets premiered on the BBC and goes straight to No.1 in Radio Guerrilla's charts Closing "Artmania" festival in Sibiu's "Little Square", with a hauntingly beautiful acoustic set at...sunset Setting our own little record of 7 gigs in 9 days, including 4 festivals. Now that's Rock'n'Roll! Honouring our two major cities by playing the big stages @ "Bucharest's days" & "Cluj's Septemberfest" "Started" gets voted as best song on Tuborg's "Your music on TV" campaign and thus becomes the new soundtrack for the Tuborg commercial Back to the UK :) episode 2 Grimus takes everybody by surprise by covering Johnny Cash's "Ain't no grave" during the "GuerriLive sessions". Instant classic, who would've thought... Men at work, Tamas is laying down the drums tracks of the new album in Budapest w. Adam supervising An old unreleased song gets "the Guerrilla treatment" and becomes a special gift for Radio Guerrilla's 6th anniversary: "Radio Station" Honouring Club A's 40th anniversary with a gig filmed for TVR's "Rock forum" series While guitars & bass get recorded at Adam's studio in England... ...Tamas is free to play around in the "Evolution Tempo Orchestra", accompanying Steve Vai @ Bucharest's "Sala Polivalenta" & Rimini's "Stadium 105" Irish&Music Pub in Cluj is awarding Grimus with "Our most beloved band" prize Last but not least, what better way to roll into the new year but...having a ride, playing for 600 lucky winners on the "Beck'sperience train" Cheers to 2011 and stay tuned for the new album! ...and CityFM is awarding "Umbre" the title "Best song of 2010"! :)
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