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The Hunger Games

No description

Daniel Goncalves

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

Main Characters Supporting Characters Groups and
Other Characters The Capitol Conclusion Main Characters:
Katniss Everdeen
Peeta Mellark
Gale Hawthorne The Etymology of the
Hunger Games Venia- It is short for lavinia who is the legendary mother of the ancient roman people. In the Hunger Games, she is the most skilled of the prep team.
Octavia- This word means eighth. In the Hunger Games, Octavia is one of the members in Katniss's prep team. They become very close to one another.
Portia- This word come from the Latin portia meaning "pig". A pig symbolizes strength and abundance. In The Hunger Games, Portia she was new to The Capitol with alot in store for her. She also was strong because she was one of the rebels in the further books.
Caesar Flickerman- It means "head of hair."In The Hunger Games, Caesar would change his hair color for every Hunger Games.
Claudius Templesmith- This word comes from the Latin word cladus meaning “lame.” Claudius is depicted as boring and unattractive.
Atala- This word means asteroid or butterfly. In The Hunger Games, Atala is just like an asteroid. She can turn weaklings into strong people.
President Corialnus Snow- This name is from one of Shakespeare's plays who is very immoral and supports aristocrats over middle class people. In The Hunger Games, President Snow is a very evil president. By: Daniel, Alex,
Kendryll, and Ryan Peeta Mellark- A type of bread, also known as"pita". In the Hunger Games, Peeta is a son of the baker. Exploring the etymology of The
Hunger Games characters gave our group a deeper understanding of the book. It was an interesting and fun activity for us to work on for our project. Most of the names in The Hunger Games originate from Greek or Latin origin. Discovering the origins for most of Collin's inspirations tells us that she was a very intriguing and educated writer. Through her relations between the character's name and meaning, we can affiliate ourselves easier with the book. Primrose Everdeen Cinna Etymology: Haymitch Abernathy Effie Trinkit Etymology:

Madge Undersee- It means pearl in Greek. In the Hunger Games, Madge is like a pearl by the way she is described; a pearl represents humility.
Buttercup- A name given to soemthing cute. In the Hunger Games, Buttercup is Katniss' cat. Ironically however, the cat is muddy, yellow, and ugly.
Peacemakers- A person who creates brings order and justice. In the Hunger Games, a Peacemaker is a symbol of our police system.
Avoxes- The shortened form is vox which is an abbreviation musicians use fro vocals. In the Hunger Games, an Avox lost their ability to speak due to committing crimes by getting their tongues cut off. Bibliography

http://thehungergames.wikia.com/wiki/The_Hunger_Games_Wiki Katniss Everdeen- It is an arrow shaped plant which was commonly used by the Native Americans. In The Hunger Games, Katniss is very skillful with bow and arrows. Gale Hawthorne- This name means "The Wave of God" or "calm" In The Hunger Games, he is brings comfort to Katniss making her feel secure and real around him. Etymology: Primrose Everdeen- An "Evening Primrose" is a beautiful yellow flower. It is also a herb used for healing. In The Hunger Games, Prim wants to become a doctor, is skillful at healing, and has bright yellow hair. Cinna- Cinna was a poet in one of Shakespeare's plays. He tried to start a rebellion by conspirating about Julius Ceaser; he was killed. In the Hunger Games trilogy, he wants to send a message to the capitol of rebellion. Therefore, he designs a dress for Katniss's interview during the 75th Annual Hunger Games that will transform into a fiery mockingjay signifying their defiance against the capitol. Thus, he is then killed by Peacemakers while Katniss is in the Launch Room ascending into the arena. Haymitch Abernathy- This is a made up name by Suzanne Collins. The last name however, Abernathy, is the name of a civil rights leader. In The Hunger Games, Haymitch is secretly designing a plan under his leadership to rebel against the Capitol during the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Effie Trinkit- Effie is given to people who give a speech for future success, and Trinket means something of little value. In the Hunger Games, Effie Trinket is of little help to Peeta and Katniss in preparing for the games. However, she was a public speaker during the reaping and other events. Glimmer Clove Thresh Cato Rue The Tributes Foxface- A person who acquires fox-like aspects. In The Hunger Games, Foxface (district 5 tribute) is sly and elusive. Her face is very similar to a fox's and also has red hair. Foxface Glimmer- A thing that has shiny aspects. In The Hunger Games, Glimmer (district 1 tribute) wears shiny clothing at the parade and has bright blonde hair. Etymology: Cato- A name to describe someone who is wise and has good judgment. In The Hunger Games, Cato (district 2 tribute) is depicted as strong and fearless. During the reaping, he volunteered to be in Hunger Games. He is the wisest and leader of the Career Tributes. Clove- The word means to cleave, which means to split with a sharp instrument. In the Hunger Games, Clove (district 2 tribute) was very skilled with throwing knives.
Thresh- This word means to beat severely, thrash, toss. In The Hunger Games, Thresh (district 11 tribute) was a very intimidating tribute and could sure fight. He took a rock and bashed it on Clove's skull killing her. Rue- A plant that is used for medicine. In The Hunger Games, Rue is the tribute who lived in District Eleven also known as the Agriculture district; she knows how to treat an injury or illness with the right herbs. Rue also means something you would regret. In The Hunger Games, Katniss has a deeper motivation to win the Games for Rue following her death. Fin What is etymology? The study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.
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