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Vgo Telepresence Robot

No description

Michaela Suski

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Vgo Telepresence Robot

What does the robotic end effector do?

There isn't a robot arm, just a screen attached to the robot body. The wheels allow it to move around.
How can it be altered to do more?
Improvements may include more cameras for greater views, rotating cameras, increased mobility (legs for stairs), more sensors for more convenient movements, and smaller or "foldable" design for travel.
Impact on humans?
Can create many jobs in different fields of work
Might eventually improve test scores
What human tasks does it perform?

This robot allows sick or paralyzed children to go to a "brick and mortar" school while remaining at home.
Kids are still able to learn at the pace of their other classmates
Kids wouldn't have to resort to online or home schooling
Healthy people wouldn't have the risk of getting sick while at work/school with the sick child
Vgo Telepresence Robot
Where can it be used?
It's used at schools and could be used at work places.

Its average degree of freedom is 4, although the robots can move on their own; they have multiple flexible joints.
What sensors does it use?
The Vgo uses sensors to find out if objects are too close on the front, left, and right sides of it.
The robot will cost a lot for either the school or the family
At a school or workplace, damage to the cameras or screens may be common resulting in expensive repairs
Children may not adapt well to being kept home without usual peer interaction
Can it create any jobs?
The Vgo could potentially create jobs for needed repairs and for needed improvement on design flaws. Engineering careers would be helpful for design and manufacturing.
Raven Balistreire and Michaela Suski
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