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A brief and detailed look into Arrow's recurring success.

Le'Von Seye

on 27 April 2010

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=>Intro 2 Arrow<= =>HISTORY<= =>GROWTH<= =>MARKETS SERVED<= =>BEST PRACTICES<= =>QUESTIONS/COMMENTS<= Mission/Vision Arrow is a global solutions provider and not a parts seller, providing solutions and service from the engineering phase of a product to the end of product life.
They envision the title of the worldwide leader of product services and solutions.
Differentiators Global Strength & Depth
Design Wins
Top-Ranked Customer Service
Operating Margins/Financial Resources
Core Drivers Broad line card
Broad customer base
Engineering focus
Demand creation
Value added programs
We Asked How have they been continuously ranked at the top of the list amongst other electronic solutions providers?
What is their secret … if any?
Will their success be continued? Founded in 1935 in New York on Radio Row
Went public in early 1960’s
Purchased by Harvard Business School graduates in 1967
Acquires first company in 1968
New York Fire in 1980
Prior to 1980’s sales only a couple million
1988-surpassed a billion dollars in sales
2009- 14.7 billion in sales
310 Locations in 51 countries
Over 900 suppliers; 125,000 OEM’s, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers
• Dozens of different markets in many different countries.
• Carry OEM, Contract manufacturer products and resale
• Provides a number of different value added services.
• Global distributor of products, services and solutions to
users of electronic components
Assign an exclusive sales team for their best customers.
No customer accounts for more than 4% of their revenue.
Always go with the most ethical option.
Always give back to the community

Emerging Markets
LED lighting, medical (record keeping), smart homes
Horizontal by acquisition
Vertical by new customers
Exceed $20 billion in sales in the next 5 years =>Arrow's Future<= =>STRATEGIES<= Not just a distributor –

Product Knowledge and Support

Friendly Methodology
100% Customer Satisfaction
Located throughout the world

Major Competition:
Avnet, Inc.
Well run company – side by side

Control 80 percent of North America Market
=>COMPETITION<= Economy Reduction
Right Candidate
Entry Level Positions
Provide Tools to Learn and Succeed
Continually Challenge
=>Career Opportunities<=
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