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The Deeper Meaning of the song 'lollipop'

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Lauren Mullem

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The Deeper Meaning of the song 'lollipop'

On the surface, the song is merely a light hearted and catchy tune which illustrates a young child's love for candy all the sweet things in life. However, through analyzing the lyrics I have developed my own interpretation of the song. There is a much darker meaning to this song. This being, the notion of sex and exploitation. For example, the lyrics ‘sucking too hard on your lollipop’ could be depicted as having phallic connotations.

However, some could perceive this lollipop imagery as metaphorical of innocence. Mika tells the listeners not to ‘suck too hard’ as perhaps he is trying to imply that if we do this the lollipop will shrink until it disappears.
Therefore all we are left with are the daily struggles of adulthood or, as some would say, reality eg love.

As I am now aware of this dark side of the song, I will ensure that the viewers of my music video do not acknowledge this. This will be done by using hopeful and innocent clips throughout rather than ones which could be perceived as sinister.
The Deeper Meaning of the song 'lollipop'
By Lauren Mullem
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