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Characters from Zlata's Diary

No description

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Characters from Zlata's Diary

Zlata's Diary Book Review
What I liked about Zlata was that she could always find the good side of every bad situation.In the book, when the war was going on she could talk about birthday parties.She also matured a great amount toward the end of the book and after the war had ended.
What I liked about Zlata's Diary was how she described the setting. When she went on her vacations, she described them so it was like you were there with her.She described the places with smells and beautiful sites.
Writing Style
Zlata's writing style was very different from every other book because she was talking about how the war effected her family and her life.This was a diary so she wrote in a different style.
The plot was a very good plot because everyone can feel for her such as Anne Frank.War is a good plot to talk about because it is very dramatic and it can help people to know how war feels.
Our group would highly recommend this book to kids ages 11-12 because of the sadness expressed in the book and also the high content of killing,shelling,suicide,and other content that is written for more mature pupils. We would recommend this book because it shows the reality of life and peace, and teaches the lesson of being grateful.
Characters from Zlata's Diary
Although Zlata had a variety of characters in the book, one problem with the characters was she never explained clearly who they are and what impact they made in her wartime life. The important characters where explained, but the small characters that appeared in the book were always mysterious and no detail was conveyed on their appearance.
Setting of Zlata's Diary
In Zlata's Diary, she observed everything. The most descriptive seting was the cellar. She explained how it was cold, dark and many other traits, but one thing that was missing was her description of outside. She didn't use enough imagery when she was writing.The reader wouldn't be able to understand the setting around them so the story would be unclear.
Zlata's writing style is very difficult to understand at times, she doesn't use figurative language in her writing. The reader cannot understand how she feels or what she thinks because she puts it on the paper, but leaves holes and missing thoughts so the reader cannot further understand the mood/ feeling. The reader is left with no understanding of the point of the text.
In her Diary, she did not write about the war itself or the politics/conflict that started it. She wrote about her days living a wartime childhood, and how the war affected her and others. Through the book she was in conflict with politics. The problem with her conflict was it was not clear why the conflict came to be, or what/how the "kids" tried to do to end the war. Her plot was completely based on affect of war on her and family and herself. Nothing specific was addressed on behalf of what was actually happening.
By: Emily Bell and Andrea Durdic
Zlata Filipovic
Zlata did a great job explaining herself, she talked about her personality, and appearance. She even talked about how she made a difference in other people's life.
Sarajevo in Wartime
Pages of Zlata's Diary
Critique written by: ANDREA
What we liked written by:EMILY

Book: Zlata's Diary
Written by: Zlata Filipovic
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