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Prophets of Culture

No description

Becca Liegey

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of Prophets of Culture

Prophets of Culture
the goal
What i I said any concert is a worship service?

What if this:
Spoiler Alert:
Music Industry
Prophets of Culture
A group of musicians, music technicians, and industry workers who are devoted to seeing the music industry transformed radically by using our gifts to allow Heaven to invade anyone and everyone ranging from fans to stage techs to mainstream musicians
The very same way my life was transformed as a teenager when I gave up my old man and turned into a worship leader
These could be the faces of the future of the music industry
The ones who bring Jesus
The revolution starts now
Heaven right here
Right now
Every genre
Every Culture
Every aspect of music
used to make the name of Jesus known
So how do we do it?
Currently I live in downtown Atlanta and get the opportunity to disciple a group of musicians and technicians to not only be excellent in their craft but in using those talents to let Heaven invade
This is why I believe Prophets of Culture need to exist
By: Becca Liegey
This is me
Becca Liegey, a musician and missionary living in downtown Atlanta and I have a dream to see the music industry transformed by Jesus
but we just need
a shift in
we're worshiping
is just as much worship as this:
The music our culture chooses to listen to shapes the way our society lives
Think about how the music you listen to shapes your everyday life
the people you associate with,
the things you watch,
the atmospheres you surround yourself with

Everything is affected and touched by music
and Jesus can be the One who infiltrates music
to affect the whole world
My goal is to train and equip these students to spend their time here in Atlanta preparing themselves to be launched into all nations, genres, and aspects of the music industry to see Jesus transform our culture
Will you join us?
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