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@inject presentation

Introduction to dependency injection.


on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of @inject presentation

@inject String name;
Inversion of control
Martin Fowler
usual case
List<Person> contacts = Contacts.query(...);
copy & paste !?
Lister<Person> contactLister = new OnlineContactLister(connection, ...);
Change specs !?
Lister<Person> contactLister = Creator.createContactLister(connection);

//in settings file, set ContactLister to NetContactLister
Constructor parameters ??
//injector settings
Lister<Person> => NetPersonLister

//injector usage
@Inject Lister<Person> contactLister;
- maps interface to implementation
- construct and inject objects
- construct and inject parameters
refactor with injection
only change injector settings !
injector modules
Collection of injection settings
public class netRunModule {
Lister<Person> => NetContactLister

public class localRunModule {
Lister<Person> => DBConactLister
public class TestModule {
Lister<Person> => DummyLister
Constructor injection
@Inject public Clazz (Dependency d) {
this.mD = d;
Method injection
@inject void setDependency (Dependency d) {
this.mD = d;
Member injection
@inject private Dependency mD;
// impossible without injection FW !
- clarify dependencies
- easy refactor
- perfect for testing
Injection frameworks
- Pico: minimal, efficient
- Guice: full-featured, runtime
- Spring
- Roboguice: based on guice, Android specific features
- Proton: small footprint
- Dagger: for Android, static injection
Activity, Application, etc instantiated by the system !
public class RoboActivity extends Activity {
public void onCreate(...) {
Injector i = RoboGuice.getInjector(applicationContext);
Roboguice usage
public class MyClass extends RoboActivity {
@inject Something mS;

public onCreate(...) {
// mS == null
// mS instantiated !
- instance / request
- context / session
- application / singleton
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