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Maps !

No description

Mary Tran

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Maps !

Population Density Population map Basically population is just a whole group
people in a area.
For example the population of Australia is 22,620,600.

The lifestyle would be different if we didn't didn't have a such big population because all the houses would be cramped, there wouldn't be enough food for everyone In the Sahara Desert the lifestyle would be
different because there would be no water,
food and most of all chance of life in there. The only thing that you can eat is barely anything.

There will be no water around you and will have to drink nothing. CLIMATE Are maps that tell about the different climate in a particular country. Zoom up to the universe Mary Tran Bibliography http://geography.about.com/od/understandmaps/a/map-types.htm
www.factmonster.com/world/geography/types-maps.html Legend N E S W Orientation Title NE SE SW WN Physical maps basically shows the illustrations of the physical features of an area such as mountains, rivers and lakes. The water id usually shown as blue. Physical map This is a physical map How does it impact out country's culture Climate
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