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5 Step Model

No description

Katelyn Young

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of 5 Step Model

of recruitment
Meet them
athletics, campus events, classes, dorms, on campus tutors, etc.
don't rule anyone out
Make them your friend
sisterhood is based on friendship
why not choose our friends to share our rituals and secrets?
Introduce them to your friends
when you are already friends, events don't seem as fake and the woman is more likely to relax
Introduce them to your organization
people join people, not organizations
Ask them to join
even though we aren't doing COB, doesn't mean you can't ask them if they would want to join.
First impressions are everything
5 seconds to judge someone
30 seconds to change their minds
Before a woman can judge you, she can tell how you feel about her
Focus on the benefit, not the feature
Feature: service
Benefit: connections, opportunities for insight, gives you purpose
Feature: Ritual
Benefit: purpose, faith, trusst, bonding
Sugar-coating sets low expectations
Don't sugar coat things!
Quality responses
1. Listen to the concern
2. Ask follow up questions to clarify
3.Provide information
feel, felt, found
Finish the sentence
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