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Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Golda Meir School for the Gifted and Talented

This is a springboard plan for value, pedagogical, and curricular continuity in our expanding 3rd - 12th Grade Program.

Christine Turner

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Golda Meir School for the Gifted and Talented

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 The Road Ahead
Task SEM for Golda Meir School Using what we have in place Type I Examples - Exposure Local Theatre Trips - Plays with CCS Content Connections
Local Museum Trips - MAM Junior Docent, Interactive Museum Visits, Special Exhibits that align to CCS
Urban Ecology Center
Extended Field Trips - Camping, Statewide, National, International
Type II Examples - Interpersonal/Intrapersonal & Affective Learning Danceworks - Mad Hot Ballroom, Tap
Ropes & Challenges
Junior Mentoring
Financial Fitness for Life
Junior Achievement
Bullying Program
Service Learning Type III Examples - Projects Resulting from Inquiry/Producers of Knowledge Science Fair
Winter Program
Black History Program
8th Grade Arts & Academics Showcase
Teams - Debate, Forensics, Chess, Lego Mindstorm, Basketball, Volleyball
Video Club - Focus on Learning Themes That Make us Interested and Interesting Schoolwide Themes - JM Barrie, Seuss, Golda Meir
Classroom Themes - Denmark, Government, Wisconsin, Music, Architecture, The Environment, Social Justice, Health & Fitness, Shakespeare, etc. Core Values that Guide Us Toward Continuity of Instruction and a Common Goal Common Core Standards Reading
English/Language Arts
Social Studies
Core Values Integrity - Word = Bond
Task Motivation - Work Ethic
Creativity - Outside the Box Vertical Planning What do we need students to enter this class already knowing?
What does Harvard want?
Work Backwards
Understanding by Design/Curricular Mapping Integrated Curriculum Service Learning
Themed Units
Seminar/Metacognitive & Character Training Secondary SEM 9th Grade Basic Standards
Accelerated Options - Honors Standards in ALL Academics
Regular Options for those struggling 10th Grade Finishing DPI Requirements
All Honors Standard Except RtI Tier II needs
Courses reflect DPI Requirements 11th Grade Finishing any regular curricular needs
Early Graduation Option
AP Options
Service Learning Year 12th Grade College Courses online or in person
Virtual Courses to free up Time
Internships at Various Businesses
Study Abroad Exchanges
Independent Studies for Missing Credits
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