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The Glass Castle Story

No description

Elijah Acquah

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Castle Story

The Glass Castle Book by Jeannette Walls Jeannette was three years old. Rosemary Walls was hired as a teacher at Battle Mountain Intermediate School. She was cooking hot dogs at a trailer park. She and her family were going on their way to the Pacific Coast. Jeannette was four years old. She met an older boy at Battle Mountain, named Billy Deel.
He was a juvenile delinquent with a lop-sided head.
He lived in a raggedy old house.
He laughed at his dad when he pissed himself in his sleep.
And he thought Jeannette would be the perfect girlfriend for him no matter what. Jeannette was eight years old. She taught at the class of Jeannette's older sister Lori. But then she was lit on fire when the flames of the stove touched her pink dress. Jeannette's parents rushed her to the hospital. She was burnt badly with darkened scars bleeding around her thighs. The father Rex Walls and the doctor got into an argument about how to take care of Jeannette. The dad wanted the burns to breathe because bandages have nothing to do with infection. The doctor wanted the bandages to cover her wounds since they prevent infection. MY DAUGHTER WILL BE SCARRED FOR LIFE BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! A few days later, after he was forced to leave by a security guard, the father came back to the hospital... and got his daughter Rex Walls-style. Along the way they slept in motels... depended on Rex's gambling skills... and witnessed the death of a hotel, burnt down from unfortunate circumstances. They then found their way to the Mojave Desert in southern California. Jeannette's father worked as an electrician for a mining company. Jeannette and her family were able to do so much more with his hard-earned paychecks. They received more food and stayed in a better house... with animals. They even brought a new child into the Walls name. The family (confusingly) called her Maureen. Rex Walls lost his job. All of the basic necessities for a normal, middle-class family were gone. But then... Jeannette's mother Rosemary exploded into a major argument with Rex. The fight ended with Rosemary dangling by Rex's hands outside of a second-story window. Lori's classmates loved Mrs. Walls because she was the opposite of the normal, strict, boring teachers. She hated her job. Billy Deel gave Jeannette a turquoise-silver ring too big for her fingers. He told other kids about her gift... and how he was going to marry her. He kissed Jeannette with a slimy tongue. He punched her when she resisted. Billy even pointed a BB gun to Jeannette and her siblings just to let them check it out. It ended up as a stiff shoot-off. Jeannette was nine years old. For a month of going cross-country after Jeannette's father lost his job (again), the Walls family finally reached Rex's hometown Welch in West Virginia. They lived with three people: A mumbly toothless Grandpa Ted
A raggedy, ruddy redhead Uncle Stanley
Rex's hapless, overweight, old hag of a mother Erma At their new "home," the Walls kids faced up to the abuse of Erma. Brian was touched by a very restricted place.
Lori and Jeannette were called names of hatred and they were slapped across the face. Erma died. Though her demise seemed planned before her liver went out, her son was not pleased. The mother Rosemary enrolled Jeannette and her brother Brian to Welch Elementary. Their classmates and teachers weren't too happy. Jeannette and Brian had to fight off bullies as they were discriminated against all of the school. (However Jeannette had befriended one of the two known bullies.) After going through the interest of newspapers and writing... After feeling so untrustworthy to Maureen... After being disappointed to her father's lousy attempt to use his willpower to not spend any money on alcohol. Jeannette was fifteen years old. She and Brian moved to New York City to meet Lori, who already arrived there to become an artist. Jeannette felt satisfied there... He promised he would build her something very wonderful. until tragedy struck her. Rosemary, Rex, and Maureen had moved in with the Walls kids three years later. The parents took up all of the siblings' space. Rosemary hung up her portraits on the walls.
Rex filled up the refrigerator with liquor.
They stayed in their kids' house longer than what they proposed. Jeannette, Lori, and Brian had enough. Jeannette's parents lived on the streets. And yet they were enjoying the experience. Eating food out of the garbage, sleeping on the sidewalk, breathing in squatters with newspapers and scraps, Rosemary and Rex were having the adventure of their lives. As for Maureen... From living with her siblings... To moving in with her parents... Maureen became too vulnerable to the habits of her parents. With a diet of smoking, endless sleeping, drinking, and crime, Maureen had become a heck wreck. She later ran to her hometown where she belongs. Jeannette had let her down. Rex died. He died from a very serious condition. He was a heavy smoker since he was young.
He never finished building what is so importantly valuable to Jeannette. Besides watching the series of unfortunate events, Jeannette always had a chance to share good times with her family. She survived every life-threatening situation that dropped right in front of her. Throughout this whole time, throughout the shame without blessing, through all things that were painful and included suffering, Jeannette had been patient to life. And so she wrote...
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