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The Last Lecture

Prezi for English

Jonathan Li

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture
By Randy Pausch
:D Exigence: Randy is going to die... of Pancreatic Cancer. But he still has one Last Lecture Audience: His students, people who are faced with difficulty in life (aka everyone) , His friends and companions, and His wife Purpose: Share Pass On Live accordingly Lecture on Childhood Dreams Claim: Childhood dreams matter and are
influential in life development and happiness. It's how you
lead your life
:) However this big mountain of a statement... of the iceberg... Tip Is just the tip... Organization Adventures and Enabling the dreams of others Thin Mints Being the first Penguin Being a Tigger vs. an Eeyore Cancer The Lecture Childhood Dreams How to Live your Life: His own Life Intro and Childhood Dreams The car seat and the Policeman How not to be a Jerk and Training a Jedi Wedding Evidence Being in zero gravity Playing in the NFL Authoring an article in the World Book Encyclopedia Being Captain Kirk Winning Stuffed Animals Being a Disney Imagineer Appeals and Language Ethos Logos
Lots of Life lessons Spark Language Pathos Funny and Genuine He admits his mistakes Anecdotes and Informal Evaluation? Did you catch the head fake? The Real Audience of the book is... "The dreams will come to you"-Randy Pausch
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