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my career

this is a shcool project ok stay skull

Thomas Pierri

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of my career

it's time for another awesome prezi


by THOMAS pierri
And its about what my
job is going to be when
I grow up and I want be
a tennis player

I want play tennis because
my dad used to play tennis (never
was a tennis player just played for fun).
also the first time I played I loved it. so
fun hitting the ball and vollying. That
why I want to be a tennis player.

also because tennis is very very

Also, because it's only sport
I,m good at.
hey are u laughing!
ha ha ha
well listen up buddy I YOU
and I,m talking to YOU I want
you to see this little note

This is a school project not for fun
Sorry we got a little off topic Thier so back
to tennis (which is very awesome)the way
to be a tennis player is to work hard.I really
know how to be a tennis player "work hard"
is just what everyone says now heres some real
info Thier salery is $305,345 per year

to play tennis you has to be 20 well thats what I think I tried looking it up but thier was no answer so that i think

I"m 20! :)


if you don"t get your degree you can"t be a pro
so stay in school OR ELSE

supples needed

1.tennis ractek 2.tennis shoes 3.tennis balls 4. parter 5.tennis court
the end
are u sad
easter egg
im boss
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