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Literary Elements Rubric

No description

Kyle Neilsen

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Literary Elements Rubric

Literary Elements Rubric
By Kyle
a figure of speech containing an implied comparison
Ex. The curtain of night
Ex. The beast he in forest.

Ex. Its sun was shinning
Ex. the wind blew like whispers
Its a different kind of use to make the saying better.
Ex. Her checks are red as roses
Ex. The boys hairs are longer
You try to get the fight started.
Ex. Lets fight now, you chicken.
Ex. Jack was the antagonist of the book he always kept trying to fight people.
Is a noice that will better explain the writing.
Ex. Bang
Its a warning or a indication
Ex. The night was stormy and wet and the car had to drive slow.
Ex. The twins told Ralph "You need to go" and Ralph didn't go far so the twins told the leader where Ralph was.
Its the person who tries to keep the fight going
Ex.Keep fighting, I wanna see a good fight.
Ex.When Simon walked out of the woods the group kept screaming "Cut his throat watch him bleed."
Conflict Man Vs Man
When a Man fights another man
Ex. John punched Jim in the face.
Ex. Simon walked out of the trees and the boys ganged up on him.
Man Vs Nature
Ex. The sun is beating down on us all day
Ex. The rain that the boys had to hid from in the first night
3rd Person Omniscient
Is when the right knows all the feelings of the people in the book.
Ex. John was feeling sad while Jim was feeling happy.
Ex. Ralph accepted that they killed Simon but Piggy couldnt accept that they killed Simon.
Situational Irony
Is when something Irony happens
Ex. The Fire station burnt down.
Ex. The island is a boat and the current is going in the other direction.
Dramatic Irony
Is when you the read knows what bad about to happen
Ex. In the Scary movie the girl ran into the closet but the killer knew she was in their.
Ex. When Simon walks out into the raging group of boys
Is when a item person or place shows what it meaning is.
Ex.The Cat symbol ed free heart.
Ex. Ralph Symbol leadership.
Making a non human thing with human traits
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