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Franz Joseph Haydn

Learn more about Franz Joseph Hayden March 31, 1732 - May 31, 1809 Classical Composer from Austria

Mr. David

on 5 November 2016

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Transcript of Franz Joseph Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn's Childhood
Haydn's Big Break
Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
Listening Examples:
Joseph Haydn was born in a small village in Austria. He had many happy memories as a young child singing with neighbors and with his family. When he was young, his parents noticed how musically talented he was. When he was six, he moved out of his house to go to school in another town that had music classes. Soon after that he moved to the big city of Vienna where he was in an important choir. In Vienna, Haydn's first Opera was performed in 1753. Haydn was 21.
Haydn became famous from the music he was writing and many aristocrats wanted him to give them music lessons, or write music for them. Through these people, Haydn became fairly wealthy from the music he was writing.
Haydn wrote 104 Symphonies! He also wrote concertos, piano music, music for small groups of instruments, operas, and others.
While he was living, Haydn was one of the most famous musicians of his time. During his time in Vienna, he made a friendship with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was 24 years younger than him. Mozart grew up playing Haydn's music and both respected the others' music.
In his older years, Haydn became a teacher of another famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. At this point, Haydn was 58 years old, and Beethoven was 20 years old.
Surprise Symphony
Symphony #94
Symphony #67
Symphony #104 "London"
Trumpet Concerto in E flat Major
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