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The Manifest Destiny

A historical project by Jared Nuguid and Alyssa Grant-Pereira. Enjoy!

Alyssa Grant-Pereira

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of The Manifest Destiny

The Doctrine of the Manifest Destiny
What Is the Manifest Destiny?
The Manifest Destiny is the belief that the United States has the right to take over the all land of North America
How Was Canada Affected?
During the Civil War, between the southern slave states (the confederacy) and the slave-free northern states (the union), the confederacy made bases in Canada for use of plotting against the Union. The confederacy even sent two of their soldiers in an attempt to ask Great Britain for help, who were later caught and imprisoned by the North.
Groups Affected By Manifest Destiny
The term was first used by newspaper editor John O'Sullivan. Because of their gain of independence after the War of 1812, the United States had an increase in population. This increase resulted in the need of more land. Americans then began traveling west in hopes for finding new land and fortune.
Who Were Later Affected?
The manifest destiny resulted in the annexation of Oregon, Texas, New Mexico and California and later involvement with the Philippines, Hawaii and Alaska.
African Canadians
Labor Unions
Women expanded American borders, as well as their own.
Many women set out for frontier with similar goals as men, but worked harder to endure such inadequate household and social structure.
They were tasked with developing schools, churches and other expected programs, as well as establishing a home for their families. Women were deemed as second-class citizens, as they were not allowed to vote for a long period of time.
At the time of expansion, women were mainly earning money through prostitution and farm work. Yet though they worked very hard in maintaining a steady financial life for themselves and their family, women were still not paid as much as the men.
Women were not paid as much as men.
Some women valued domesticity, loyalty and other similar virtues, known as the ‘cult of womanhood’.
But many women promoted expansion for civilization, even while avoiding the masculinity of politics
Both these events made the BNA very worried that the US would try to conquer Canada especially on the belief of Manifest Destiny. If the BNA colonies were to unite, railroads would be funded allowing troops and provisions to be transported much more easily.
These unethical actions annoyed the women and caused them to begin advocating for themselves. They created the women union, in which the various rights that women felt they deserved to have were displayed to the public.
On the belief of the manifest destiny, USA began to negotiate with Russia on the topic of Alaska. While Canada was still uniting, the US purchased Alaska on 1867. This made the newly made Canada very nervous since USA would naturally by the vast territory of Rupert's Land to connect Alaska and their north-west states. Being a blooming nation, the canadians wanted Rupert's Land for themselves. The US offered the Hudson's Bay Company $30 million for Rupert's Land but Canada offered $1.5 million and the right to keep large portions of land that could be sold later. HBC accepted Canada's offer giving them the massive territory of Rupert's Land.
Aboriginals were treated with complete disrespect.
Since the Americans believed they owned all of North America, they also thought they could destroy anyone in their way of expansion.
As Americans ventured and purchased land west, native american land was used and destroyed with their own consent. Similar acts were done in Canada.
Catholic Missionaries tried to convert aboriginal and force them to forget their traditions. They attempted to convince them to farm instead of hunt. As more and more americans stepped on native american land, violence rose between the two nationalities.

The chinese were treated as a minority
In 1858, gold was discovered in the lower Fraser Valley in B.C. Thousands of miners traveled to B.C for hopes of prosperity and riches. The first Chinese immigrants came from San Francisco to take part in the gold rush and soon many chinese traveled from Hong Kong to B.C for a source of income
The Canadian Government went through drastic changes.
Unemployed white men began to blame the chinese for taking their jobs since the chinese worked for longer for lower wages. Because of hatred towards the chinese, the city government forced all the chinese into a "china town" where they would be segregated from the white.
Around the 1860s, the legislature that was formerly being used to govern the new Province of Canada could no longer function. Because no political party could gain enough support from the Francophones and Anglophones to form majority, there was a result of 12 different governments in only 15 years. To end the problem, John A. Macdonald, George Brown and George-Etienne Cartier joined to create the idea of one large union British North America. This union would increase protection against an American invasion.
The union would also make trading among colonies easier, which was especially important in 1866 when the United States ended free trade with Canada.The final details were finalized in London, England in 1866.The decision was that federal government would control defense, trade and other national matter while the provincial government had power over local matters such as education and roads. The British government supported the initiative and passed the British North American Act in March of 1867.
Black Slaves were given freedom
An act was passed by the governor general that slaves could no longer be imported or sold in Upper and Lower Canada and any slave who were already in the province would be enslaved until death. Because of this act, slavery existed until 1833.
Now that slavery was abolished in Canada, 30 000 slaves traveled from the US to Canada through the underground railroad from 1835 to 1865. When slavery in the US was abolished many former black slaves returned to USA
Slavery in Canada was officially abolished on 1793. Because of this, 30 000 black slaves travelled to Canada through the Underground Railroad between 1830 and 1865. Harriet Tubman, a black slave women who successfully crossed the border, was very famous for guiding 300 slaves to freedom in Canada.
Although Canada offered freedom from slavery, the Canadian government did not give the black slaves provisions or land. Because of this, black slaves had to work in farms and railroads near the Great Lakes. Even though slavery in Canada was abolished, many canadians still treated black as a minority. When slavery was abolished in 1865 in the U.S, thousands of blacks migrated from Canada to USA to reunite with family and friends.
As the Americans traveled west and purchased land, they used and destroyed land, owned by native americans. Aboriginal reservations were overtaken by settlers and original treaties set by the government were broken
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