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How to Tweet

SDS110 - How to Tweet module

Kristen Vernon

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of How to Tweet

How to Tweet
What is Twitter
Tour of Twitter
Build your community
Explore Twitter
What to tweet
Beyond the basics
Representing NAIT

Who to follow & how to find them
Who to follow
Partners and prospective partners
Community organizations
Alberta post-secondary institutes, Canadian polytechnics & high schools
Municipal, provincial and federal politicians
Party leaders
Media organizations and individual journalists
Prominent local Twitter users (influencers)
People who regularly engage with us on Twitter
Businesses that would hire NAIT graduates
What is Twitter

“A true global town square – a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time.” – Twitter editorial director Karen Wickre (@kvox)
Goals for using Twitter
Twitter likens itself to “being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting—you can discover news as it’s happening, learn more about topics that are important to you, and get the inside scoop in real time.”
@NAIT's goals
Listen and learn from the community
Share the NAIT story by creating engaging content
Provide timely customer service
My goals for using Twitter
News & what's happening in #yeg
Professional development
Connect with colleagues, friends and family
Build a brand
What to tweet
A quote
Ask a question
Answer a question
An observation
Content you find online
From an event you're at
Your content
Have conversations
Tips and advice
Beyond the basics
URL shorteners
Representing NAIT

Contact the resource team at socialmedia@nait.ca
Recognize and respect the communities we serve
Reflect an accurate and balanced perspective
Add value to NAIT, our organization and brand
Enhance learning for students in the classroom

Share our brand promise and the attributes that make NAIT a leading polytechnic
Embody our brand attributes: relevant, responsive, reputable, essential
Convey our brand personality: friendly, caring, hands-on, flexible, focused yet fun

Guiding Principles
Add value to NAIT, our organization and brand
Scott Stratten's steps to create brand endearment
"Don't leave all those high-fives hanging."
Create content and have conversations that matter to your followers
noun and verb
What are your goals
for using Twitter?
of monthly active users access Twitter from a mobile device
Follow thought leaders and bloggers in your industry
Use a Twitter directory, such as twellow.com and wefollow.com
Search for users in your community. In Edmonton, search the #yeg hashtag
Follow users followed by your followers and those you are following.
Collect Twitter usernames at events.
Follow event hashtags to find and follow other event attendees.

Other ways to find followers
Tools and applications
Twitter search
Tweet ups
Stay Tuned!
Last Wednesday of each month
9:30 a.m. - 10 a.m
Common Market seating area
Who do you follow?
How to find hashtags

Look at what's trending in Twitter
Search in Twitter
List of popular Edmonton-area hashtags: http://edmontonambassador.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/yeg-twitter-hashtags-and-hints/
Google "Edmonton Twitter hashtags"
Twitter etiquette
#Don't #use #too #many #hashtags - limit to no more than three
A follow back is nice, but not required
Reply in the same means as the original post
Don't send automated DMs to new followers
Don't queue up tweets when you won't be around to repsond
Add value; don't over share
Limit self-promotion and share others' content
Don't post the same thing multiple times
Interact with users who connect with you
Be positive
Try to post once a day
Follow @NAIT
Follow @lindork
Any more Twitter questions?
Email: lhoang@nait.ca
Source: mastermaq.ca / State of the Edmonton Twittersphere 2012
Top #yeg-related hashtags in 2012
Time to tweet!
Include #socialNAIT
Good examples:
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