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The Handmaid's Tale

No description

Shayu T

on 19 August 2012

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Transcript of The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale Table of Contents The relationship between
Offred and Luke
Offred and the Commander
Offred and Nick Offred and Luke Their relationship started off as an extra-marital affair
Luke cheated on his wife to be with Offred
Marriage is a very pure relationship and every relationship's pillar is trust
without trust no relationship can move forward
Luke cheated on his first wife so their is no guarantee he won't cheat on Offred
If Luke was a good guy and valued women and relationships, no matter how much he loved Offred, he would have waited until he was free from his wife to get into a physical relationship with her, that way he would have respected both of them Offred and Luke did get married after Luke got divorced and even had a child
Once a couple has a child they share a relationship no matter what through that child because that child is half of them
Offred and Luke did love each other because they lived in the same house, shared the responsibilities and spent time together
Luke did try to save their family by arranging for their escape
Offred also loved Luke because after she is separated from him, she mentions him a lot
She has this hope that he is alive and that feels relief every time she doesn't see his body on the wall However do relationships change?
-Of course they do Passage:
"That night, after I'd lost my job, Luke wanted to make love. Why didn't I want to? Desperation alone should have driven me. But I still felt numbed. I could hardly even feel his hands on me....But something had shifted, some balance. I felt shrunken, so that when he put his arms around me, gathering me up, I was as a small doll. I felt love going forward without me.
He doesn't mind this, I thought. He doesn't mind it at all. Maybe he even likes it. We are not each other's, anymore. Instead, I am his." (229, Atwood) This is after Offred loses her job
Luke doesn't consider her feelings
She doesn't want to make love at the time
She is going through a certain situation in which she wants to talk and share what she is thinking
When one is in love, they think of the other's feelings before they do anything
Luke doesn't seem to understand her
Offred even mentions herself that Luke basically took control of her body and he was probably enjoying it "In reality you are in a love relationship and yet what you experience is pain. See the irony! So when pain has become such integral part of the love, did it remain love? How can it be? So what exactly do we start experiencing? Well, it’s nothing but play of our imagination and needs of our own ego! What had started as love is no longer love but just fulfillment of our desires and our ego!"
-inspirationandmotivationforall.blogspot.ca Do Luke and Offred love each other or is it physical desire? Or did it start of as love and then their relationship changed? Did it become a means of full filling their physical needs? Love Marriage Extra-marital affair Couples Trust Physical desires Friendship Offred and the Commander At first the relationship seems as that of a father or daughter
They play Scrabble together
The only action that is out of the father-daughter relationship is that she kisses him "like she means it"
He gets her things she wants like lotion
He allows her to read magazines However after he takes her to Jezebel's the relationship is no more like father-daughter
Then Offred becomes a means of full filling his physical desires
He uses her not that she doesn't use him to get what she wants like lotion and information
The Commander feels nothing for Offred other than lust because he already did the exact same thing with the previous Handmaid
That goes to show that for him she is just an object For Offred the Commander is a means of getting what she wants that she can't get from others
He is her means of attaining illegal things
He provides the excitement in her life that is not supposed to be there
She uses him as well
Their relationship is only one from which they can get things for their own personal benefit
They don't care about each other much but only see their own profit Do you think the relationship between them is that of love or are they just using each other for their own personal use? The Commander and Serena Joy don't share the same interests and don't connect with each other very well
We don't hear of them ever spending time with each other which is why the Commander needs someone to talk to
He needs someone to share his time and thoughts with
He finds that companionship with Offred
He does things with her that typical old couples do, like play Scrabble Passage:
"So when I left the room, it still wasn't clear to me what he wanted, or why, or whether I could fulfill any of it for him. If there's going to be a bargain, the terms of exchange must be set forth." (193, Atwood) Offred and Nick At first the relationship between Offred and Nick is one full of flirting
Nick winks at Offred, he nudges her with his foot and he later kisses and touches her in the kitchen When Serena gets Nick to try and get Offred pregnant, Nick and Offred's relationship changes
After the one night Serena takes Offred to Nick, Offred goes to visit him every night
They use each other to fulfill their physical desires
Offred even gets pregnant with his child Passage:
"I put his hand on my belly. It's happened, I say. I feel it has. A couple of weeks and I'll be certain. This I know is wishful thinking. He'll love you to death, he says. So will she. But it's yours, I say. It will be yours really. I want it to be." (338, Atwood) There is some love between Nick and Offred, they do care for each other
When Serena finds out that Offred went out with her husband, Offred wants to run to Nick and hug him and have him reassure her- showing that she feels he can protect her This proves that Offred believes in him and trusts him however she doesn't run to him. Passage:
"I want to turn, run to him, throw my arms around him. This would be foolish. There is nothing he can do to help. He too would drown." (359, Atwood) This passage also proves that Offred cares for him because she doesn't want to endanger his life by giving up information that they were together Not only does Offred care for Nick but Nick loves her as well Passage:
"He could, of course, have assassinated her himself, which might have been the wiser course, but the human heart remains a factor, and, as we know, both of them thought she might be pregnant by him...Instead, he called in a rescue team of Eyes, who may or may not have been authentic but in any case were under his orders. In doing so he may well have brought about his own downfall." (388, Atwood) The fact that Nick risked his own life to save Offred shows that he cares and loves her
No one would sacrifice their life for someone else unless they love them
If Nick got caught he would not have survived because his crime was to high to be forgiven, he was in a relationship with a Handmaid, got her pregnant and even helped her run away Do you think that Nick and Offred actually cared for each other? In conclusion, Offred's relationship with all the men in her life was physical but each one of them was different. They each had different aspects of them that made them unique. Offred and Commander Like father and daughter
Gets her the things she wants like lotion and treats her to things like magazines
Uses her to fulfill his sexual desires Offred and Luke Married to each other
Had an extra-marital affair
Lived together before the tragedy of getting separated Offred and Nick had a secret relationship
Both partners loved each other
Both tried to save the ones they love
Both had kids together All had a physical relationship Was not a legal relationship in the sense were not married
the accepted reason to have a physical relationship was to have a kid Did not care what she was going through, whether she wanted to make love or not Wanted to be in a physical relationship
had a desire to be together
understood each other
cared for each other
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