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16th EPSA Summer University

No description

Ivana Mihajlovska

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of 16th EPSA Summer University

Logistic Officer
Ema Taneska

PR Officers
Enes Jusufi
Petar Kolcakoski

Events Officer
Elena Madzaroska

Sponsorship Officer
and Treasurer
Kristina Manevska

Registration Officer
Nikola Lazarevski

Educational Officer
Evgenija Cvetanova

Ivana Mihajlovska

Vrelo Cave, located in the Matka Canyon, near the capital of Skopje is a system of two caves, one of which is submerged underwater. Its depth has not yet been determined, but it seems to lie well under 500 m. Therefore some consider Vrelo Cave to be Europe’s deepest underwater cave.
The cave Peshna in Makedonski Brod is described in the New York Times as identical to the 'imagined' caves in the Lord of the Rings.
Famous macedonian artworks include the magnificent Ohrid pearls, made from the scales of the little fish called Plashitsa, and the unique filigran - a precious ornament made of gold and silver wire.
Macedonia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe! :D
small/big bottle of water - 0,25/0,50€
beer – 1,50€
spirits – 2-3€
cocktails – 3-5€
taxi – 0,45€/km
Macedonia has the highest quality opium in the world. Second is Pakistan's opium which has seven morph units. Third is the Columbian with around 3.5 M.E. The Macedonian opium has an incredible 14 M.E., doubling that of Pakistan!
According to NASA, Macedonia's Kokino is fourth on the list of oldest observatories on this planet. The number one is Abu Simbel (Egypt), Stonehenge (England) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia).
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, or more commonly known as Mother Teresa, was born in Skopje, in 1910. Throughout the years she received numerous awards among which is the 1979 Nobel Prize.
warm climate;
beautiful nature;
friendly and hospitable people;
many tourist attractions;
rich culture;
delicious food and wine.
16th EPSA Summer University
Ohrid, Macedonia

Hosted by: MPSA - Macedonia
Capital: Skopje
Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)
Government: Parliamentary republic

Population: 2.106 million (2012) World Bank
Official language: Macedonian Language
It is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and the eighth-largest city in the country with over 42,000 inhabitants.
Macedonian Pharmaceutical Students' Association

- Formed at the very begginings of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje (1987);
- Joined EPSA in 1991;
- Consists of nearly 500 students.


Presidential Board,
VP External Affairs,
Public Health Team,
Sports and Culture Department,
Scientific-Reaserch Department

Provisional Programme
Fixed and lowered taxi prices
Free mobile numbers
Discounts for scuba diving, sailing and paragliding
..15 euros!
Scuba Diving

over lake Ohrid
for 20 Euros? :)
What else do we plan?
Have you ever tried Macedonian food? ;)
Ohrid (ancient name Lychnidos) - City of Light
In 1979 and 1980 the City of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as both a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The lake itself is over 3 million years old. It has over 200 endemic species which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

By having the biggest lake in the country, Ohrid is #1 tourist destination in Macedonia! :)
365 churches in Ohrid - one for each day of the year;
'Jerusalem (of the Balkans)';
picturesque houses and monuments.
Interesting facts...
Macedonia is the only place in Europe to have clearest rubies (precious gemstones ).
Bay of Bones - Museum on water
Monastery of Saint Naum and boat trip to the springs of River Black Drim
Different types of daytime activities in Ohrid
Reception Committee
Estimated budget
Let's bring Europe to
the City of Lights!
16th EPSA Summer University - Ohrid, Macedonia
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