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nicole beres

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Creative_zone

I wouldn't mind giving access to my personal data on social media if it resulted in a more personalized customer experience.
Let's Take
a Look
Behind the
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The Future of
Digital is Now.

Where we
can assist you in UNLOCKING



CX Labs

Big Data
Are you ready
to innovate?
Let's start together with an...
Capability Gap
Customer Profiles
Capability Gap

Why just be a part of the crowd?
Resolves identities of prospects as they appear on company website
Increases conversion rate for existing products
Builds consumer loyalty and reduce churn
Makes recommendations for better segmentation and product portfolio
Pilot Program:
The probing analytics solution has been piloted in the context of a call-center engagement resulting in >20% increase conversion rate.

Retrieve profile data from multiple sources such as enterprise data, social media, and third party data
I just received an offer for a camera but I just bought a new one last month and I am not in the market for one anymore.
This capability enables a more trusted and open profiling in which consumers can directly manage their information across different marketing services and marketers can gradually probe consumers for demographic data and preferences overtime.
We bring together the management team of the client, top scientists, experienced consultants, and industry experts in a two-day workshop to see where the clients want to go further, push boundaries, and discover something that isn’t there yet.

Next Steps...
I am always getting offers on my smartphone when I step into the mall, but none of them complement my purchases.
...Is the amount lost each year due to poor customer experience in the United States.
In the era of the empowered customer, a marketers job is changing rapidly.

There are 3 new imperatives of the marketing profession.
System U takes millions of people and serves them as unique individuals versus vague demographic blots.
By analyzing about 200 tweets System U can get a accurate and repeatable characterization of a
person's personality.
Capability Gap
The ability to organize noisy and unstructured social data into meaningful characteristics and traits of the customer and ultimately increase purchase probability.
Psychoanalytics combines several psychological models with information from customers to improve the customer experience and increase purchase probability.

Contextual Recommendation provides personalized offers at the right time to a customer.
Guides Product Recommendations:

Needs “Harmony”
= Cross-sell matching colors, soothing patterns, symmetry
Understand each customer as an individual
Deliver an engaging and personalized customer experience
Empower employees to serve customers better
System U brings a new dimension to profiling: Personality. Using plain text from social media to learn about the person, System U uses a 5-Factor model based on openness, conscientious, extroverted, agreeable, neurotic. It is also based off Ford's 12 "Universal Needs".
Guides Treatment:

Conscientious =
Present practical information
Currently there are no other recommenders that can
combine both content
based and collaborative filtering.

There are currently no other transparent profiling solutions in the market. Although there are progressive profiling solutions available, unlike any other solution, the CXLab's is build on analytics and taps into customer profiles.
Collect marketers preference in terms of confidentiality, privacy, and business objective for sharing profile data or gathering info through questions
Use analytics to determine which profile information to be shared or what question to be asked to each consumer based on context and marketer objective
Share profile information, marketing rationale and questions across all marketing services
CX Labs presents an innovative method that learns a personal "uniqueness" level of each user and uses it to combine content based and collaborative filtering recommender methods. This solution performs better than state-of-the-art.

Contextual recommendations enable companies to push the best offer at the perfect time guiding
product selections.
I want my
experiences to
be personalized
I wouldn't mind if my personal data on social media was analyzed if it resulted in a more personalized experience.
New Era
Imagine if
… a business could use analytics to identify which single question can be most beneficial to place a prospect to the right segment.
Imagine if
… the business could also be more transparent, cross- channel, and show its prospects the reasons why a campaign was sent to them.
Imagine if
… the business could enhance its existing Retargeting Campaigns to allow consumer to interact with the offer (beyond “accept” or ignore”).
When you can LEAD it?
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