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No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of THE ZODIAC

What's the Mystery?
Deaths , year
The zodiac killer has killed 37 victims in total, by a knife
in the late 1960
Where it take place
These Murders took place in the San Francisco bay area

Suspect one:Earl Van Best Jr
he called him self the zodiac before the killer called himself that,also arthur came home with blood all over himself, and he had a bloody knife in his car,he also had sexual devices and small dissected but he doesn't look like the composite sketch

And this is the mystery about he zodiac killer!
Our theory
We feel like Arthur Leigh Allen would be the culprit because he had bomb formulas and he had tape about the Zodiac killer
websites: biography .com, buzz feed .com
Mia, Xenia, & and Shaney
The mystery is that the zodiac killer has never been found
There are many suspects here are some of them,The first comes from gary stewart who belives that his own father ,Earl Van Best Jr,looks like the killers sketch. but he dosnt fit he discrption of large and hevey set
2 suspect:Arthur Leigh Allen
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