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his is a presenation about space ther is no copy write i made this all myself if you dont belive me sue me

Jackson Marcellus

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of space

space The 9 planets all take different times to orbit around the sun. That`s because 1.one of those planets closer to the sun than the other and 2.the orbit is different. The solar system around us has many orbits they all involve a planet or space junk. There are 9 planets orbiting the sun, and that means that they will move around the sun causing effect in weather of that space. but her are also thousands of galaxies with suns to. There were different machines used to learn about space. one of the first ones used was the Hubble telescope. the Hubble telescope could see so far that it saw what was supposed to be leftover radiation from "the big bang theory". but we also used rovers, space ships and satellites. people who worked there there were many people who worked in the world of space. one of the famous people is Neil Armstrong, he was the first person to step foot on the moon. there was a other american called sally ride who did a lot for n.a.s.a. and of course one of the most famous is j.f.k (Kennedy) because he was the one who offered the idea of space travel extra information there are a lot of experiments going on around space such as project Gemini witch was the the first projects to land people on the moon. Now that we've ended the space project for now on space travel N.A.S.A. is testing other things for space. there is a lot of thing we don't know yet about space like dark holes for instance. Or maybe matter. we will soon maybe be able to live on other planets. orbits solar system machines used project what is space? to learn more visit google and type in space or you can check out the book earth an space. also you can use Brainpop or other webs on the internet.

FOR WATCHING to learn more: top 5 fun facts

NUMBER 5: if 2 pieces of metal touch together in space then they permanently welded together.

NUMBER 4: earth has at least 4 moons.

NUMBER 3: the big dipper in not a constellation it is a Asterism.

NUMBER 2: the moon is drifting away form earth.

NUMBER 1: if you put Saturn in water it would float.
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