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The High Salaries of Athletes and Entertainers

Block 2, Odd

Hannah Lee

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The High Salaries of Athletes and Entertainers

Many professional athletes and entertainers earn large sums of money.
Do you agree or disagree with these individuals making high salaries?
Use specific details and examples to convince others to support your position.
Body Paragraph #1
Body Paragraph #2
Unfortunately, most entertainers and athletes don't spend the high salaries they receive for good purposes.
Body Paragraph #3
In this world, there are countless individuals that deserve to receive high salaries more than athletes and entertainers.
Advanced Vocabulary
The High Salaries of Athletes and Entertainers
Introduction Type:
Persuasive Essay
Today, entertainers and athletes obtain undeserving, high salaries through ways that doesn't provide positive contributions to young individuals.
Hannah Lee
Block 2, Odd
How many wealthy entertainers and athletes truly deserve to receive high salaries that could purchase an ancient, medieval castle? How many famed celebrities utilize their generous pay checks for purposeful items instead of a $1.5 million bathtub? How many affluent superstars actually fulfill the amount of work equivalent to the bountiful amount of money they gain every year, and contribute an appropriate atmosphere to adolescents at the same time? After thoroughly pondering on these questions, one would most likely agree with me that the majority of these renowned individuals should not be making such high, annual salaries.
Pose a Series of Provocative Questions
They only play a "game", and yet they still earn an abundant amount of money.
Definition of game- "A competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators" or "an amusement or pastime".
Young individuals might obtain the idea that playing a game will always lead you to success.
Less students would strive for other careers like engineers or lawyers.
Solely for entertainment purposes only
Tiger Woods, one of the highest paid golfers, gains $588,000 per tournament.
$588,000 is more than the average salary.
Entertainment purposes only and nothing more.
Makes a lot of money through entertainment that contains bad messages to youth.
Bad influence seeps into their minds.
Sells and makes millions by creating music that promotes inappropriate language and actions including drinking alcohol and doing drugs.
Eminem, the highest paid rapper as of 2014, obtains his high pay check by selling music that promotes bad decisions.
Eminem's song "Bad Influence" promotes suicides, getting lost, and feelings of hopelessness.
No positive contributions for youth, yet still makes lots of money.
There are countless people struggling on streets trying to obtain a single dollar.
Yet celebrities and athletes spend their money on pointless items worth millions of U.S. dollars every year.
Should use the money wisely or donate to the millions of charities pleading for a few dollars for a good cause.
Mike Tyson (retired U.S. pro-boxer)- bought two $140,000 Bengal Tigers
Nicolas Cage (actor)- bought the Schloss Neldstein castle of 28 rooms for $2.3 million dollars (forced to sell it in 2009 due to personal financial issues)
Doctors--> Save millions of sick lives every year throughout the world
Firefighters--> Endure the sizzling, hot flames of a fire to rescue individuals trapped in a burning building, risking their lives.
Policemen--> Put their lives on the line to keep the community safe, and to enforce justice in the area.
Soldiers--> Commit their lives to fight and defend our country through perils and struggles with other fellow soldiers. They leave loved ones behind with a teary goodbye.
Display a true dedication, loyalty, and responsibility.
These individuals are risking and committing their lives to serving people they don't even know with low to decent salaries.
Celebrities and athletes are wasting their time by using up all their earnings for a warehouse full of expensive, antique cars or dozens of mansions for a life of leisure and no troubles.
Those people (doctors, firefighters, etc.) deserve the high salaries that entertainers and athletes are well known for.
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