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Quintin Kragh

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Auschwitz

By: Quintin K.

Auschwitz was a network of extermination camps in Poland run by the Nazis during World War II.
Auschwitz was the biggest extermination camp during World War II.
Auschwitz was so big that it was split into three parts. The three parts were
Auschwitz I, the main camp, Auschwitz II, the extermination camp, and Auschwitz III, or the labor camp. There were also 45 satellite camps.
There was an estimated 3 million people that died in all of Auschwitz. 90 percent of the people that died were Jews. The other 10 percent were: Poles, Romas, Sinties and Soviet Union Prisoners.
The other people that didn't die in Auschwitz by the gas chambers, would die of starvation, hard labor, diseases, death marches or medical experiments.
Auschwitz Quote - "Auschwitz is a place in which tragedy cannot occur." - Edward Bond.
Eyeglasses of the victims
Shoes of the victims
Auschwitz II
Auschwitz III
Auschwitz changed the world majorly. It changed the world because if you were a Jew in Germany, you had the possibility of going to Auschwitz. That changed the world because then all of the Jews were scattering to get out of Germany so they wouldn't have to go to Auschwitz. It also changed the world because the world now knows that if a country becomes to powerful, they can make camps to put you in and make a Genocide, so the world was scared of Germany.
I think that Auschwitz is the most terrible place in the entire world. I think this because of the fact that 3 million people died in Auschwitz with almost no effort once so ever. If the war went on for a little longer, I couldn't even imaging how many more people would have died. I just hate Hitler for what he did, and also how he could bare the fact that he is a very mass murderer for making these camps in the first place. I wished that somebody came along and burned down all of Auschwitz including the smaller parts of it.
Anne Frank arrived in Auschwitz on September 3, 1944.
Elie Weisel arrived in Auschwitz on May 16, 1944
Only about 700 people tried to
escape from Auschwitz. Only 300 did
manage to escape from Auschwitz.
If the escapees were caught, the SS
would starve them to death. With the
300 that escaped, the SS would randomly
take 10 people and starve them to death.
Most of the people that died in Auschwitz
would be burned in places called crematorium. They burned them instead because it wouldn't take up as much room compared to burying the bodies. Auschwitz had five crematoriums.
Upon arrival at Auschwitz,
the men were separated from the
women and children. Most of the
men were for hard labor, and the
women and children were usually
gassed because they had no use to
the SS and Hitler. Also when they
got there, they would go through
your personal belongings that was
worth value to them, such as eyeglasses
and shoes.
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