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No description

Lisa Mangano

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of BAKING

History Biscotti Creation story The word biscotti means "Coffee bread"
The Biscotti orginated from Prato, Italy. Egyptians Greek and Roman Culture Dough Hook Balloon whisk Mise En Place:

1. Gather your mental Mise En Place
- Establish a plan of what your going to prep before the day you make the actual dessert.
- Also make a plan of what is going to be cooked or made on the day of.

2. Get whatever you need to get out
that relates to your recipe that can
get prepped before you actually put
the recipe together.

This process will make it easier so that
your not running all over the kitchen.

It is never a good thing to run in the kitchen!! The word Cannoli means "little tube" in italian. The Cannoli is known for being a Sicilian pastry dessert but it orginated in the Palmero area. Cannoli Paddle Tiramisu The word Tiramisu means to "pick me up" in italian.
This dessert orginated from the city of Siena in 1982 Baking hobart has production plants internationally Convection Oven 4 Deck Electric Bakery Oven # 1 What is Hobart? Why is Hobart here today? Lets look at some of their bakery equipment.. When did Hobart Corporation get started? Where did it all start? Italian Pastry
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